Continuous code quality made easy.

Continuous Inspection

SonarQube supports a Continuous Inspection practice.

We had Continuous Inspection in mind from the start when building the SonarQube platform. It therefore comes with everything necessary to support the practice, a Quality Gate, leak management, branch analysis, parallel report processing, governance features, high availability, a short feedback loop and more.

Continuous inspection

Quality Gate

Quality Gate

SonarQube provides a GO/NO-GO gate for application promotion.

The Quality Gate is a major, out-of-the-box feature of SonarQube. It provides the ability to know at each analysis whether an application passes or fails the release criteria. In other words it tells you at every analysis whether an application is ready for production “quality-wise”.


Our solutions cover 25+ programming languages.

By providing support for numerous languages, including Java, C#, C/C++, T-SQL, TypeScript, JavaScript, and COBOL, SonarQube offers a unique solution to cover large portfolios of applications.

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Library of plugins

Library of Plugins

SonarQube experience can be augmented by plugins.

More than 60 community and commercial plugins are available for SonarQube, making it easy to enhance your experience with extra languages, metrics, pages. Plugins can also be developed to meet specific needs within an organization.