GitHub CI/CD Integration

achieve code quality in your GitHub repositories

Sonar tightly integrates with GitHub enabling your team to consistently and efficiently deliver code of the highest quality and security that's free of issues.

Sonar features for GitHub Integration

extend code quality and security in GitHub

Enhance your GitHub experience with Sonar and ensure only clean code will be added to the code base. With just a few clicks you're up and running right where your code lives.

pull request decoration

Sonar automatically decorates code quality metrics directly on your pull requests & feature branches. Resolve issues before you merge.

go/no-go Quality Gate

Fail your GitHub pipelines when the quality of code doesn’t meet your defined requirements. Clean code becomes the norm!

code scanning alerts

Review and prioritize security issues and vulnerability remediation during code reviews directly from GitHub Security.

monorepo support

Configure multiple Quality Gates and receive project-labeled messages in your GitHub mono repository, ensuring code quality standards are met across all projects.

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integrate GitHub with Sonar now!

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easy onboarding, instant value

built-in features make static code analysis a snap!

easy onboarding and authentication

Sonar supports authentication delegation - if you're logged into your GitHub account, you're all set to start improving the quality of your code!

auto issue assignment

Native Git data support so issues are automatically assigned and tracked, streamlining the code review process.

continuous inspection

Optionally configure your CI chain to automatically analyze pull requests and branches, making static code analysis a seamless part of your CI/CD pipeline.

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coding rules available


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GitHub Code Scanning

security vulnerability code review in GitHub

Sonar integration with GitHub code scanning helps you review and prioritize security vulnerabilities directly from your repository during your code reviews, ensuring a secure code base.

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reviewing vulnerability in GitHub

see the GitHub integration benefits for yourself!

Watch the video GitHub Pull Request/Branch Decoration with SonarQube

end-to-end GitHub CI/CD benefits

With its tight coupling to GitHub, Sonar analyzes your projects and provides code quality health metrics at the right time and in the right place

promote only quality builds

With non-disruptive code quality analysis, your project’s Quality Gate status is clearly decorated right in GitHub Checks along with code coverage and duplication metrics. Live updating keeps everyone informed and aligned on code quality standards.

If you’ve adopted GitHub Actions, Sonar nicely integrates there with autodetection of branches and PRs. Of course, you can also integrate with Jenkins, CircleCI, TravisCI or any other CI.

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less setup; more code analysis

With fresh code to review and analyze, we simplify the onboarding process. An intuitive onboarding wizard guides you in adding all your projects and setting up quality auto-detection of branches and PRs, making the path to superior code quality and thorough code reviews straightforward.

1-click with SonarCloud
Setting up SonarQube and SonarCloud is easy

Sonar’s GitHub CI/CD integration supports dozens of popular languages, development frameworks and IaC platforms

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integrate GitHub with Sonar now!