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clean code in your cloud DevOps platforms with {SonarCloud}

Extend your CI/CD workflow with a solution that easily integrates into your cloud DevOps platform and enables teams to deliver clean code consistently and efficiently.


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easy addition to your existing workflow

get started in minutes

Seamless integration with cloud DevOps Platform, 1-click sign up, 3-minute project onboarding. Automatic code analysis for most languages - no additional setup required.

extend the DevOps Platform experience

Automated code review with branch analysis and pull request decorations, clear go/no-go quality gate failing pipelines when code doesn’t meet requirements.

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try a better way to code

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shared expectations across the team

Align the team with a shared definition of clean code. Meet the defined standards every time with continuous feedback on code and a clear go/no-go quality gate in pull requests.

bits of code and quality checks are shown as an abstract of a developers environment.

automated clean code checks

Apply automated checks in your CI/CD pipeline for review, promotion, and release. Maximize the impact of your team by ensuring New code delivered today is clean.

New code is represented as a rocket taking off after having passed the organization's quality gate.

your team companion for clean code

Enable your team to systematically deliver code that meets defined standards, for every project, at every step of the development workflow with static analysis.

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26 languages, including Infrastructure-as-Code

Protect your software assets - embedded, web, mobile apps, cloud native apps… SonarCloud covers all major programming languages.

Native integration with DevOps Platforms

Extend your DevOps Platform experience with automated code checks and import your project in minutes. Works with GitHub, Bitbucket Cloud, Azure DevOps, or GitLab.

Clear go/no-go quality gate

Fail pipelines when the quality of code doesn’t meet your defined requirements and prevent problems from being merged, or deployed.

Automatic analysis

No extra configuration is required for most languages to receive the results of the first analysis. You can start improving your code right away.

Super-fast analysis

Get super-fast feedback to help you quickly assess where the code stands in pull requests and branches. Remediate issues while code is still fresh in mind.

Actionable, highly precise results

Receive clear reports at the right place and time. Maximize your impact with high precision analysis that helps you focus on real issues, less on false positives.

Shared, unified configurations

Align your team on a consistent definition of code health. Collaborate efficiently in making your code clean and meet expectations set in your quality profile.

Sonarlint IDE integration

Import SonarCloud configuration to your IDE and bring consistency throughout your entire development process.

supports 26 programming languages

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