commitment to open source

continuous improvement {together}

We are here today because of our active and supportive community. Founded on the core principle of empowering developers to deliver clean code, we carry a commitment to transparency, security, and continuous improvement of our open source solutions.

open core principle

our four-point commitment

our open offerings must provide value

We are committed to developing open source solutions that provide great features, performance, and reliability to our end users.

security of our products is paramount

The open source products we deliver must be extremely secure which means thorough testing and QA of our solutions is imperative.

completely transparent and open pricing

Our long-standing commitment to transparency manifests itself through our clear and open pricing for all the solutions we sell.

an element of our solution is always open

Anchored on our open core principle, we are committed to keeping part of our solution open source and promise to provide great value through it. 

a must-have for developers

there's a new standard for source code


developers use Sonar


organizations using Open Source edition


community members

power of open source

the importance of community

The more we challenge one another, the stronger our products become. We believe that listening to our many open source users through the active communities we’ve built around our offerings promotes continuous learning and improvement.

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A developer using Sonar posts a question to the Sonar community where users and product developers share their insights.
Accessible & Transparent

foster community growth

Backed by our Open Core commitment, Sonar solutions are freely available for everyone. It all comes down to our code transparency commitment that nurtures community growth and learning.

Avatars of two developers share ideas back and forth to create a greater solution
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By shifting the code analysis to the development stage, Cisco IT has enhanced its code quality substantially—translating to considerable cost savings for the organization.

Dhairya Sanghvi, IT Engineer @ Cisco Systems

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Our unique approach

clean code throughout the development workflow

Clean as You Code
When coding

discover issues from the moment you write code

The best place to find and fix issues? Right in your IDE, with on-the-fly optimized feedback on issues that can lead to bugs, security issues, code smells, and other problems.

Issues with code are revealed within the developers platform while guidance for remediation is provided from Sonar
When pushing

automated code analysis made easy

Augment manual code reviews with automated code analysis results available on Pull Requests right when it's needed to help implement maintainable Clean Code best practices.

The results of a pull request are shared
When Promoting

production-ready applications every time

Intelligent promotion of clean builds. Find out if an application passes or fails the release criteria with a Quality Gate—an out-of-the-box feature that natively implements the Clean as You Code™ practice.

New code is represented as a rocket taking off after having passed the organization's quality gate.
When Managing

assess risk throughout the whole organization

Gain visibility on operational, reputational, and security risks across the entire application portfolio with governance features designed for management teams.

A reliability rating of C and a score of 41.3% for coverage of new code is shown, giving an example of quality scores for a project.

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