SonarSource Commercial Support

Our Support philosophy

If you need help implementing our solutions, you can seek support from our Community and our Commercial Support. These channels are complementary. They will help you learn more about our products and provide the guidance you need to use our tools in your context.

Community Support is a collaborative forum where SonarSourcers and community users post every day. It contains detailed articles and technical discussions that cover the most common usages. This is a great resource for your team to gain knowledge about our products and more generally about code quality and security.

Community Support

Commercial Support is a private communication channel between you and our Services team. It can be used to solve advanced issues and get the guidance you need for implementation of our products in complex corporate environments. The privacy of this channel also eases the resolution of problems that require sharing sensitive information.

Commercial Support

At SonarSource, we aim to provide best in class
commercial support:

From day one on every issue, you are in contact with skilled engineers who have a deep background in our products, ready to provide you high-value support.
We cover functional and technical assistance for any SonarSource products that are covered by your commercial support subscription
Our service focuses on empowering customers to make sure that they acquire the keys of their success
We take into account the impact the issue has on your side to adapt the prioritization of our answers
We provide guidance to make sure your implementation maximizes the value of our products in your organizational context
We openly discuss your feedback and give you transparent updates about its impact on the product

Supported versions


We only support the latest version


SonarCloud is regularly updated and only the current version is supported.


We support the latest available version and the LTS version. It means that we expect you to use these versions in production.

If you have questions about intermediate versions of SonarQube (between current LTS and the latest version), we will provide as much help as possible but we might ask you to upgrade to the latest version to solve problems.

Starting from the release date of a new LTS, we offer a 6 month transition period to help you to upgrade. During this period, our Services team makes sure that your production is safe and that you benefit from the help you need to update to the new LTS. Your questions on other topics will be paused until you upgraded to a supported version.

For any other version, the priority of the team will be to help you to upgrade to a supported version.

How to engage with commercial support?

How to engage with commercial support?

Any commercial support discussion starts with the creation of a support ticket. You create tickets via our Support portal using the account that is delivered with your commercial support subscription.

You can create different types of tickets to report a problem, ask a question, or discuss an idea you might have to enhance our products. You will be able to share with us all the necessary materials to explain the context of your ticket (support information file, logs, screenshots …).

Ticket-based exchange guarantees a good level of collaboration with the possibility to keep track of our past exchanges. It contributes to the efficiency of the service we are providing.

Bug fix policy

Product fixes are always delivered in the next version of our products. The backport of critical and blocking issues is made on supported versions (the latest version and the current LTS) if they involve reasonable changes.

If you engage with us via commercial support for a bug that impacts your production, our Services team will assess your situation. They will provide you with a workaround to mitigate the issue until the problem is solved. Finally, with a precise understanding of the situation, they will determine with our product teams if the problem requires a backport on the LTS and/or the latest version of our product.

What do we expect from you?

Basic investigation and research of the issue

Each SonarSource product has its own documentation. We expect you to validate that the problem you are facing is not due to pre-requisites or configurations that are explained in the documentation.

We also encourage you to check on SonarSource Community. It is a treasure trove of technical information and exchanges with our users. This is also a channel we use using to share solutions to common use-cases we meet quite often on commercial support.

Reproduce the issue with the latest supported version

We continuously work to improve our products, so an issue you encounter may have been already fixed in a later version. This is particularly applicable to SonarSource Plugins. If you can still reproduce the issue using the latest version of an app or plugin, then please submit a bug report.

One ticket = one single problem

To avoid blurring multiple issues and to allow our team to work most effectively, we ask you to open one ticket for each issue that you’re experiencing. When issues are clearly related to each other, please outline this in the tickets so that we can link them internally.

What do we expect from you?
Provide as much information as possible up front

    When you submit a ticket, please:

  • check

    Tell us (using the drop-down provided) which version of SonarQube you are using;

  • check

    Provide a clear, concise summary of the behavior you are seeing;

  • check

    Tell us whether this affects your Production or Test instance:

  • check

    If it is a Production issue; have you reproduced this in your Test environment;

  • check

    Explain the impact the issue is having on your system and/or users;

  • check

    Always provide your Support Information File;

  • check

    Where you have logs available that relate to the issue, attach them as text files to the ticket;

  • check

    Where screenshots make the issue clearer, please attach them.

Help us help you with clear, relevant attachments

    Some additional notes on attachments for bug reports:

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    Please do not attach log files as MS Word, PDF or other non-plain-text formats since these are almost impossible to search effectively and can slow down our problem diagnosis

  • check

    Where you attach a screenshot, please show as much of the screen as practical. If possible, please include the URL as displayed by your browser.

What can you expect from us?

Regular update on your tickets

Our goal is to come back to you every 24 h based on the open office hours of our Geneva office. This frequency is a target we adapt based on the criticality of your issue.

For your information, we are growing a team in our offices in Austin. Soon we will extend our coverage to the US time-zones.

A tailored service adapted
to your situation

As soon as you create a new ticket, we use the up-front information you provide to qualify your problem. It allows us to adapt our priorities and stay on top of critical or blocking issues.

In case of a production blocker incident, we dedicate one support engineer from our team to your issue until the service is restored.

As deemed appropriate by the Services team on a case-by-case basis and at its sole discretion, the team may suggest alternative solutions to solve problems such as: video calls, training, consultancy. These solutions are only engaged after the problem has been detailed on a support ticket.

We are a team of experts

As mentioned above, we have a single line of Support. On every ticket, we engage product experts to take the best measure of your needs. It prevents a painful experience to escalate issues to get someone who is able to understand your problem. It gives us the opportunity to grow our understanding of your deployment on every ticket.

Be your voice in SonarSource
product evolution discussion

You can share with us the ideas you have to enhance our products. Enhancements that are in line with our product strategy will then be discussed between our Services team and our Product team. If we decide to implement this idea, we will keep you posted when the feature request gets integrated to the roadmap and when you can start enjoying it.

If for some reasons we decide to not move forward with your idea, we will give you a clear explanation of our decision. Our goal is not to justify our choice but to be transparent regarding our product strategy and roadmap.

SonarSource Commercial Support

A sustainable and growing relationship

With time, our goal is to know more about your needs and to make sure you
maximize the value you get from our products.