Welcome to SonarSource Support

Your point of contact for issues, questions and improvement suggestions for the SonarQube ecosystem!


This Quick Start Guide outlines:

1 - What products are supported by SonarSource;
2 - How to submit various types of tickets to the SonarSource support desk;
3 - Some pointers on how best to work with us.

What we Support

Via the SonarSource support desk, you can get help and advice on:

How to contact us ?

SonarSource support desk is available via our Support site.
Make sure to read the recommendations below before raising a new ticket.

Reporting a Problem

At SonarSource we take abnormal behaviour of our software seriously and our aim is to diagnose any problems quickly and get you working again. The “Report a Problem” section of our service desk lets you report any errors, failures or abnormal behaviour that you observe with SonarSource products. There are several things you can do to help us get you working again as quickly as possible:

Documentation Check the documentation

SonarSource products are documented on our dedicated site. In particular, we have documentation for the core SonarQube platform, covering:

testing Reproduce the issue with the latest version

We continually work to improve our products, so an issue you encounter may have been already fixed in a later version. This is particularly applicable to SonarSource Plugins. If you can still reproduce the issue using the latest version of a plugin, then please submit a bug report.

Ticket One ticket = one single problem

To avoid blurring multiple issues and to allow our team to work most effectively, we ask you to open one ticket for each issue that you’re experiencing. Where issues are clearly related to each other, please outline this in the tickets so that we can link them internally.

Box Provide as much information as possible up-front

When you submit a ticket, please:

  • Tell us (using the drop-down provided) which version of SonarQube you are using;
  • Provide a clear, concise summary of the behaviour you are seeing;
  • Tell us whether this is a Production or a Test issue;
  • If a Production issue; have you reproduced this in your Test environment;
  • Explain the impact the issue is having on your system and/or users;
  • Always provide your Support Information File;
  • Where you have logs available that relate to the issue, attach them as text files to the ticket;
  • Where screenshots make the issue clearer, please attach them.

Attach Help us help you with clear, relevant attachments

Some additional notes on attachments for bug reports:

  • Please do not attach log files as MS Word, PDF or other non-plain-text formats since these are almost impossible to search effectively and can slow down our problem diagnosis;
  • Where you attach a screenshot, please show as much of the screen as practical. If possible, please include the URL as displayed by your browser.

Submitting a Question

As a valued customer, the SonarSource team can help you with questions related to SonarQube behaviour. These might take the form of “How do I…?” or “Is it possible to…?”. To ask this type of question:

  • Always let us know which version of SonarQube you are using
  • Where the question relates to existing SonarQube functionality, provide your Support Information File. This will help us find the answer to your question more quickly;
  • Where you have log files available that relate to your question, attach them as plain text files to the question.

Suggesting a Change

At SonarSource, we are always open to feedback from our customers! If you would like to suggest a product change or enhancement, please:

  • Always let us know which version of SonarQube you are currently using;
  • Outline the use case for your proposed addition or change: who would use this new or changed functionality and what task would they want to accomplish?
  • You’re welcome to attach screenshots if you feel this clarifies your proposal

The inclusion of suggested changes into future versions of our products is at SonarSource’s discretion.

Please note that we handle change tickets on a different cycle to bug reports or questions. Your suggestion will be consolidated with suggestions from other customers and we will provide a response after internal discussions indicating whether we plan to move forward with your suggestion.