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Sonar™ provides feedback throughout the development process, ensuring clean code in every step of the way—from IDE to release, you know the code you push will never come back to haunt you.

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grow your coding skills. love your job.

boost your skills

With Sonar, you have a real-time coach to help you to solve issues as you write code. No matter your experience level, Sonar helps you to understand mistakes, uncover best practices, and make better coding decisions along the way.

great work environment

When the code you push is always clean, your work environment––the source code––continuously improves, resulting in an efficient, agile, and productive workplace.

solve interesting challenges

With fewer issues to fix on new or changed code, you can focus on solving interesting technical challenges, less on continuous rework and bug fixes.

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reduced technical debt

The Clean as You CodeTM methodology ensures that the code you modify, update, or add does not introduce new issues. The quality of your code improves gradually, giving you more time to work on interesting problems.

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Technical debt is represented as a large hill of code that gradually steps down as the clean as you code methodology is used as part of the development cycle.

meet your new coding coach

Sonar fosters continuous learning by helping you understand and fix your coding mistakes. At every stage in the process, from the IDE through DevOps platform, Sonar empowers developers of all skill levels to be confident in the code they deliver.

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Issues with code are revealed within the developers platform while guidance for remediation is provided from Sonar

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"SonarLint™ is hands down the best plug-in I've come across. Seamless integration with IntelliJ, automatic linting on switch focus are some of the best features it has."

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User, SonarLint @ posted on Twitter

connect and contribute with the Sonar Community

The Sonar Community is a collaborative forum where Sonar team members and community users of Sonar solutions post every day. You’ll find detailed articles and technical discussions that cover the most common use cases, and some tricky ones. It’s a great resource for you and your team to gain knowledge about our solutions, overcome any issues, and discover more about code quality and security. Plus we value contributors who enrich our solutions and help others grow in their craft.

A developer using Sonar posts a question to the Sonar community where users and product developers share their insights.

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Our unique approach

clean code throughout the development workflow

Clean as You Code
When coding

discover issues from the moment you write code

The best place to find and fix issues? Right in your IDE, with on-the-fly optimized feedback on issues that can lead to bugs, security issues, code smells, and other problems.

Issues with code are revealed within the developers platform while guidance for remediation is provided from Sonar
When pushing

automated code analysis made easy

Augment manual code reviews with automated code analysis results available on Pull Requests right when it's needed to help implement maintainable Clean Code best practices.

The results of a pull request are shared
When Promoting

production-ready applications every time

Intelligent promotion of clean builds. Find out if an application passes or fails the release criteria with a Quality Gate—an out-of-the-box feature that natively implements the Clean as You Code™ practice.

New code is represented as a rocket taking off after having passed the organization's quality gate.
When Managing

assess risk throughout the whole organization

Gain visibility on operational, reputational, and security risks across the entire application portfolio with governance features designed for management teams.

A reliability rating of C and a score of 41.3% for coverage of new code is shown, giving an example of quality scores for a project.

see how Sonar performs across other needs

Infrastructure as CodeFor enterprise