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DevOps Is Insufficient Without Good Code Hygiene

In this paper, IDC highlights the importance of code quality and how modern tools can ensure code hygiene across the software development lifecycle without impacting velocity.

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IDC White Paper
AI Executive Guide

AI code generators guide for executives & c-suite

Software development is transforming from conventional manual coding to a new era driven by generative AI technology.

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The costly consequences of bad code for the enterprise

Addressing bad code requires a holistic approach, integrating procedural measures and a cultural shift towards clean coding practices. Organizations that prioritize these principles enhance software resilience, mitigate risks, and fortify their reputation and financial stability.

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Lesser spotted react mistakes and how to avoid them guide
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Lesser Spotted React Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

There are small, but common pitfalls and errors encountered when writing React code. Learn more about how to avoid them with code examples designed to be cut, pasted, and tried by the reader, whether an experienced JavaScript | TypeScript developer or just starting out.

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Omdia: On the Radar

In this paper, Omdia provides research notes to outline two of our recent and significant innovations that address the quality and security issues that inevitably arise as application code is being developed - “Deeper” SAST and automatic analysis of C and C++ projects.

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Cognitive Complexity guide by Ann Campbell
Cognitive Complexity

A Sonar exclusive metric that measures code readability

Cognitive Complexity breaks from the practice of using mathematical models to assess software maintainability. The result is a metric that developers feel is a more fair representation of complexity.

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Proactive Application Security

Backed by primary research data, Omdia provides their viewpoint on how organizations can achieve the best security posture through developer education and empowerment.

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Continuous Inspection White Paper Cover and internal pages
Continuous Inspection

Unite internal code quality with SDLC

Continuous Inspection is essential to the Clean Code methodology. You can’t truly ‘shift left’ without a continuous inspection process tightly integrated into your development life cycle.

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