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About Us

learn about Sonar's values, history and leadership

Sonar solves the trillion-dollar challenge of bad code. Sonar equips developers and organizations to systematically achieve a state of Clean Code so that all code is fit for development and production. By applying Sonar’s Clean as You Code methodology, organizations minimize risk, reduce technical debt, and derive more value from their software in a predictable and sustainable way.

open core values

leading with transparency and innovation

The leader in clean code, Sonar is committed to its core value of transparency and continuous improvement to support our community and make tomorrow's innovations possible.

continuous innovation

Our R&D teams continuously innovate to make it easier for all developers to deliver clean code.

continuous feedback

Community inputs help us build new features that are impactful and valuable to our users.

continuous enhancements

We strive to continuously improve and enhance our existing features to provide more value to our customers.

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there's a new standard for source code.


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Our culture

smarter together

You'll hear a lot about our rich culture and values. We strongly believe that it's the people—our employees and community—who have led us through to success. Check out our many open roles and grow with Sonar.

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commitment to open source

open source DNA

Anchored on our open core principle, we carry a commitment to transparency, security, and continuous improvement of our Open Source solution.

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back to the future

Our journey started with a small vision to democratize access to code quality and has transformed into a mission to provide world-class solutions to empower every developer to write better code.

  1. A lightbulb representing an idea being formed is shown


    Freddy Mallet realizes that code quality management is critical and sees the need for a product that provides automated code reviews in an effective and integrated manner.

  2. SonarQube


    Simon Brandhof starts developing the Sonar platform by integrating the best open source tools for Java. Enthused by the vision, Olivier Gaudin joins the team in Sept 2007.

  3. SonarSource


    The three combine their passion to accelerate the development of the Open Source Sonar platform. SonarSource is born in Nov 2008 with an initial effort to make the platform enterprise-ready.

  4. Logo for Open World Forum is shown on a navy background


    Built on the Open Sonar platform, SonarSource starts to develop its commercial offering with its first commercial plugin 'Views' for project portfolio management and gets recognized at Open World Forum.

  5. Image shows data being sent to and being received from the cloud


    Sonar platform is accepted by the community and enterprise with over 2K downloads per month. The company grows and accelerates its pace of R&D with more released plugins.

  6. The final piece of a puzzle is added in


    Commercial editions are offered under the SonarQube brand and new Editions are introduced based on customer feedback and the needs of larger enterprises.

  7. Image shows icons representing Reliability, Maintainability and Security


    SonarSource decides to expand the scope of its languages and analyzers to cover well-known standards that encompass maintainability, reliability, and security.

  8. Logo for Insight Partners is shown


    SonarSource raises $45M USD investment from Insight Venture Partners to further accelerate growth. Richard Wells, MD, and Matt Gatto, VP at Insight Partners join the company's Board of Directors.

  9. SonarCloud


    The first SaaS platform, SonarCloud, is launched based on market needs and user demands. The SaaS solution is totally free for Open Source projects, paid for private projects.

  10. Icon of a shield representing security


    A new dawn arises—SonarSource enters the SAST market and launches its Static Application Security Testing (SAST) capabilities and a new user experience.

  11. SonarSource Acquires RipsTech


    RIPS Technologies, a German startup known for its security analyzers, becomes part of the SonarSource family. Teams join forces to disrupt the Code Security market with developer-first SAST products.

  12. a stack of coins


    Sonar raises $412 million from new and existing investors, at a valuation of $4.7 billion. The company will use the investment to grow its go-to-market team globally as the company drives toward $1 billion in revenue.

  13. Logos of Sonar users are displayed. The group includes NASA, Alphabet, Accenture, Dyson, Air France, Scotia Bank, Deutsche Bank, Microsoft, IBM, Volkswagen, Apache and VM Ware


    Today, Sonar's industry-leading solution is trusted by more than 400,000 organizations and 21,000 enterprise customers globally and is considered integral to delivering better software.


great products come from great teams.

At Sonar we have as much energy for fun as we do for working hard. We are a company with amazing people passionate about providing solutions that help build better software.

Olivier Gaudin, CEO

Olivier Gaudin

Founder & Chairman


Tariq Shaukat


Andrea Malagodi, CTO

Andrea Malagodi



Charley Webb

VP Strategy, Insights & Brand


Clarissa O'Connell


Derek Smith General Counsel

Derek Smith

General Counsel

Fabrice Bellingard, VP Of Products

Fabrice Bellingard

VP of Products

Gordon Pothier, CFO

Gordon Pothier



Harry Wang

VP, Strategic Partnerships

Lynee Doherty, President of Field Operations

Lynne Doherty

President of Field Operations

Headshot of Patrick McKinney

Patrick McKinney

GM & VP of Sales, Americas


Rick Harshman

GM & VP of Sales, EMEA & APJ

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