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4 Leadership Lessons From a $200 Million, Fast-Growing, Profitable Startup

Adapt your business model to scarce capital, build on your strengths, and overcome your weaknesses.

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SonarCloud Debuts Open Source, Zero-Configuration, Automatic Analysis for C and C++ Projects

Sonar, the Clean Code solution provider, is announcing a new capability for its SonarCloud platform: Zero-configuration, automatic analysis for programming languages C and C++.

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Bloomberg Markets

Bloomberg Markets: The Close 09/12/2023

Recently appointed co-CEO of Sonar, Tariq Shaukat, joins Bloomberg Markets "The Close" to discuss his new role and the IPO tech market (at 25-minute mark).

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Bloomberg Markets

Expect More Durable Companies to Come to Market: Shaukat

Co-CEO of Sonar, Tariq Shaukat, discusses IPO tech landscape and the importance of growing profitability with durability.

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Austin Business Journal

After helping Bumble IPO, Tariq Shaukat named co-CEO of $4B coding company

Tariq Shaukat joins Sonar as co-CEO to work alongside Founder and CEO, Olivier Gaudin, to take company through next phase of growth.

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What Large Models Cost You – There Is No Free AI Lunch

The cost of generative AI is hitting businesses. Building and training LLMs can be prohibitively expensive. Sonar's Olivier Gaudin says “LLMs get bigger, not smarter."

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Sonar awards

Here are some of the latest awards we have won.

Trust Radius Top Rated Award for Sonar


Top Rated - 2023

Developer Week Devie Award for Code Testing and Quality Management awarded to Sonar


Devie Award Winner - 2023

Tech Ascension Award for Sonar


Winner - 2022


Disruptor - 2023

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