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the essential approach to clean code

Handling the quality of your entire codebase is disruptive and overwhelming. Clean as You Code takes an incremental approach by keeping the code you add or edit clean.

Clean as You Code™

teams own their delivery of code quality

Clean as You Code sets a clear expectation that allows developers to take full ownership of their code and make sure their deliveries meet high-quality standards.

Image shows overall health of a project with all areas having a passing score

a simple, powerful approach

The only expectation of developers is to ensure that the New Code - added or changed - sticks to Clean Code standards and does not introduce new issues. The approach is simple, effective, and quickly adopted by all.

reduced effort on rework

In the course of touching old code to make new edits, quality gradually gets built into your application. Your codebase is slowly remediated and overall application quality progressively improves. It’s an effortless way to yield the best results.

get started with Clean as You Code™

It takes a few simple steps to implement.

Clean Code in your IDE

Install Sonar's™ free IDE extension, SonarLint™, to find and fix issues from the moment developers write the code. Addressing issues as you code helps you shift left and saves precious time because it's the easiest to remediate.

In your CI/CD workflow

Ensure your project is using a Clean as You Code compliant Quality Gate focused on new code - added or changed. Then, set a new code period that is relevant to your project. Once completed respect and enforce your quality by only promoting code that passes the Quality Gate. It's that simple.

Always go for green

The only rule that needs to be applied is the understanding that no project will be released if it's failing its Quality Gate.

Industry standard

companies change about 20% of their code each year


of the overall code is clean after 1 year


of the overall code is clean after 2 years


of the overall code is clean after 5 years

Focus is on New Code

your new code is clean, always

No matter the type of your application, its current state, or your team expertise, Clean as You Code establishes a standard expectation across the organization for all New Code—added or changed.

Clean code is being added to a project
overall quality improves

gradually remediate and clean old code

As complexity grows and software continues to evolve, developers inevitably touch existing code to make new changes. As every line of updated code goes through a Clean as You Code Quality Gate, old code gets progressively remediated in the process.

Technical debt is represented as a large hill of code that gradually steps down as the clean as you code methodology is used as part of the development cycle.
A powerful approach

maximum quality and impact, without the pain

Dealing with low-quality code is frustrating for developers, but organizations don't want to invest in fixing legacy debt. Fortunately, you can avoid both. Clean as You Code is the only approach that guarantees results without extra effort.

Issues with code are revealed within the developers platform while guidance for remediation is provided from Sonar

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