increase the value of your software

Enable your codebase to reach a problem-free state while growing your business through systematic development and delivery.

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deliver with greater velocity

Enable your development teams to meet demands faster with seamless integration from the most popular IDEs to release while enjoying enhanced agility with clear Clean Code standards.

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reduce exposure to enterprise risk

Protect your most critical business assets - customers, developers, and your software – and create a safer codebase by flagging issues early. Sonar provides a variety of reports for your enterprise governance and compliance requirements – project-level reporting, portfolio management, and security reports that include OWASP Top 10, OWASP ASVS, CWE Top 25, and PCI DSS.

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sustain software performance

Ensure software remains continuously operable with Clean Code that's easy to understand, review, repair, and enhance. Plus, Sonar Data Center Edition supplies stress-free vertical and horizontal scalability that supports high availability and redundancy. 

attract, hire, and retain top development talent

Give developers new opportunities to flex their expertise on code they can own with a codebase that's clean and free of error. Sonar enables developers to uphold Clean Code standards by finding, understanding, and fixing issues without leaving their coding flow.

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enterprise solutions to Clean Code at every step

DevOps workflow with quality gate

SaaS App

SonarCloud integrates into cloud DevOps platforms and extends the CI/CD workflow to provide continuous inspection of projects with comprehensive coverage for languages and issue types.

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Self-Managed Web App

SonarQube easily integrates into the development CI/CD pipeline and DevOps platform to perform continuous inspection of projects with a commercial offering that includes additional capabilities for enterprises.

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Connected Mode

SonarLint in your IDE

SonarLint is an IDE extension that helps find and fix issues early, in real-time, as code is written. Pair SonarLint with SonarQube or SonarCloud to synchronize rules and analysis settings so teams are on the same page and can focus on fixing the issues that matter.

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Sonar is setting the standard for Clean Code

a must-have for enterprises


of security incidents result from bad coding practices.


higher security costs throughout the development lifecycle.


of CIOs say a developer shortage keeps them from being competitive.

clean as you code

the essential approach to clean code

Clean as You Code from Sonar is vital for standardizing Clean Code across your organization. This approach enables developers and organizations to optimize the quality of their codebase by solely focusing on code that's added or changed. This simple yet powerful methodology progressively improves the overall quality of the entire codebase with minimal cost and effort.

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Sonar Commercial Support is your connection to highly skilled Sonar product experts. Get help solving advanced issues and receive the guidance you need to implement our products in complex corporate environments.

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By shifting the code analysis to the development stage, Cisco IT has enhanced its code quality substantially—translating to considerable cost savings for the organization.

Dhairya Sanghvi, IT Engineer @ Cisco Systems

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