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SonarQube Enterprise Edition is Sonar’s commercial Clean Code solution that accelerates mission-critical software development, reduces technical debt, and improves code quality and security

  • Access to 24x7 premium support
  • 70% more rules detecting complex vulnerabilities and bugs
  • Expanded support of over 30 languages
  • Advanced compliance and security reporting
  • Accelerate development velocity with IDE integrations
  • Analyze multiple branches, PRs, and projects across your entire organization

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Used and loved by 400,000+ organizations

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what's included in SonarQube enterprise edition

  • supported, secure, trusted

  • more rules and additional languages

  • enterprise scalability and capabilities

supported, secure, trusted

  • Access to 24x7 premium support
  • Built-in high availability and data integrity
  • Hardened to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) standards
  • Trusted by over 80% of Fortune 100 companies
  • Organization-wide executive reporting and portfolio management 
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we speak your language, supporting 30+ languages, frameworks, and IaC platforms

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Sonar leads G2 for static code analysis

Accelerate your DevOps lifecycle with Sonar’s Clean Code solutions in your CI/CD pipeline. Join the millions of developers using SonarQube to write code that leads to secure, reliable, and maintainable software.

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