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static code analysis tools for VB.Net

Utilize static code analysis to find issues in VB.Net such as bugs, code smells & security vulnerabilities. Use the Sonar language analyzer with hundreds of rules to evaluate your code and ensure the security, reliability and maintainability of your software.

Your passion is VB.Net, our passion is Clean Code

Sonar static code analysis helps you build secure, maintainable, and high-quality VB.Net software. Covering popular build systems, standards and versions, Sonar elevates your coding standards while keeping dangerous security vulnerabilities at bay.

Using Sonar with VB
210+ dedicated static code analysis rules

your VB.Net code standards, covered

See all the VB.Net rules

C# Support

Sonar capability extends to C# so your whole project will contain clean code.

Quick fixes

Allow you to effortlessly repair your C# coding issues with just a click.

TypeScript Support

Sonar supports popular web technologies with rules covering complementary languages including TypeScript, JavaScript and T-SQL.

reduce security risks

Own the code security of your VB.Net

Dedicated static code analysis rules to detect vulnerabilities including ones stemming from OWASP & CWE Top 25 guidelines.

VB.Net Security Rules
Image is representing developers and their code in a secure environment free of potential code vulnerabilities.

SonarQube code analysis finds issues while you focus on the work

It all comes from a powerful static analysis engine that we constantly refine. SonarQube employs advanced rules along with smart, exclusive static code analysis techniques to find the trickiest, most elusive issues, code smells, and security vulnerabilities.

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code review with issues such as bugs, vulnerabilities, security hotspots and code smells.

precise static code analysis

Deep static analysis of your code through symbolic execution, path sensitive analysis & cross-function/cross file analysis.

fast issue resolution

Issue contextualization with secondary locations highlighted and clear remediation guidance helps you understand and construct a fix.

minimal distractions

Automatic pull request analysis with results decorated in your favorite DevOps platform so you stay in the zone.

The best way to code VB.Net better

produce secure, reliable and maintainable software

Sonar brings clean VB.Net code to where your code lives. Sonar is tightly integrated with your CI/CD workflow to feed you the right info at the right time and place.

For you

lint VB.Net analysis in your IDE

SonarLint in your IDE is your first line of defense for keeping the code you write today clean and secure. Issues are raised in-line with clear rule descriptions and guidance.

With SonarLint, the impact is immediate and no configuration is required. You learn from the real-time feedback provided and quickly resolve issue with contextual guidance and automatic Quick Fixes!

SonarLint is available from your IDE marketplace:
Visual Studio | VS Code | JetBrains | Eclipse

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Sonar works in your Jetbrains, VS Code, Visual Studio and Eclipse IDE's
Increase the value of your VB.Net software

reduce technical debt with each release

Sonar empowers developers to write Clean Code

As a developer, your priority is making sure the VB.Net code you write today is high quality and secure. The SonarQube user interface highlights the health of your New Code (changed or added) so you’ll clearly know when your code quality is solid.

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Quality Gates show your project releasability

Out of the box, the Sonar Quality Gate clearly signals whether your commits are clean and your projects are releasable. A Quality Gate coalesces the team around a shared vision of code quality. Everyone knows the coding standard of excellence and whether it’s being met.

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