Commercial Support

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Find the terms and conditions related to Standard and Premium Commercial Support for Sonar products

Sonar Commercial Support is a private communication channel between you and the Sonar team to provide guidance and solve issues during the implementation and use of active versions of select commercial editions of SonarQube, as well as SonarCloud. 

The terms of Sonar Commercial Support are subject to change without notice and are effective as of April 2024. Use of Sonar Commercial Support is subject to the SonarQube Terms & Conditions, SonarCloud Terms & Conditions, or, if applicable, a negotiated custom agreement, and the Sonar Privacy Policy.  

There are two levels of Sonar Commercial Support: Standard Support and Premium Support. 

Sonar Standard Support 

Sonar Standard Support is available for active versions of SonarQube Developer, Enterprise, and Data Center Editions, as well as SonarCloud. Our team of qualified support engineers will work to diagnose and solve issues related to cases you file in our support portal. We aim to provide a first response to all issue categories within one business day, and will use commercially reasonable efforts to prioritize Blocker and Critical issues. All Support communication is in English. 

Sonar Premium Support 

Sonar Premium Support is available for active versions of SonarQube Developer, Enterprise, and Data Center Editions. Premium Support guarantees Service Level Agreement response times based on issue criticality, with dedicated senior support engineers ready to help ensure your business continues to operate with minimal disruption. All support communication is in English, and Sonar will send a quarterly report summarizing all issues and SLAs via email. 

Service Level Agreement response times

For premium support cases you file in our support portal, the initial response time guaranteed by the SLA is dependent on the criticality of the ticket (see the issue severity categories in the section below). An initial response does not mean the issue has been resolved. Blocker issues will have 24-hour/7-day support with a 1-hour initial response SLA. Critical issues will have 24-hour/5-day support with a 4-hour initial response SLA. Major and Minor issues will have a 1-business day initial response SLA. If a Blocker issue requires immediate attention on a weekend, you must call the provided support phone number.  

Receiving credits for missed responses to premium support tickets 

If you do not receive an initial response within the guaranteed response time to more than four tickets in a given quarter (based on Sonar’s fiscal year), you may be eligible for a credit. To honor the SLA, Sonar will credit your account in an amount equal to 25% of your annual Sonar Premium Support fee. To receive the credit, you must submit a credit request. 

The credit request must be made within 30 days of the end of the quarter during which Sonar Premium Support did not respond to your tickets within the designated response time. Credit requests will not be honored if the respective deadline has passed. Credits cannot be exchanged into a cash amount, require you to have paid any outstanding invoices, and expire upon termination of your agreement with Sonar. 

To receive a credit, you must submit a completed credit request to To be eligible, the credit request must: 

  • Be sent from an email address associated with your account on; 
  • Be received by SonarSource by the end of the 30th day after the quarter in which the qualifying tickets occurred; 
  • Include “Credit Request” in the subject line. 

The following information must be included in your credit request: 

  • Date: The date must be within 30 days after the quarter based on Sonar’s fiscal year end in which the tickets occurred (March 31, June 30, September 30, December 31); 
  • Customer Contact: Specify your name and email address;
  • Customer Address: Specify your company address;
  • Qualifying Tickets: Provide the date of each qualifying ticket;
  • Ticket Numbers: Provide the ticket number of each qualifying ticket.

Categories of issue severity

Our Support team will categorize your ticket based on the following issue severity guidelines. Sonar has the sole discretion to modify the category of a ticket at any time and may lower the category after determining and mitigating the primary cause of an issue.  

BlockerProduction outages with a major impact on business-critical operations
  • SonarQube instance is down, unavailable, or unresponsive;
  • All users in the organization are unable to login;
  • All analysis is failing or background tasks are not processing;
  • Production upgrade is halted or unresponsive. 
CriticalA material degradation in responsiveness with important features or capabilities unavailable or extremely slow.A material degradation in responsiveness with important features or capabilities unavailable or extremely slow.
  • Sudden shutdown; restart worked but the system seems unstable;
  • UI works fine but many analyses are failing or background tasks are piling up (but still processing);
  • UI cannot be browsed efficiently; web navigation seems to suffer many errors and/or performance issues
  • Blocker scenario, but in a staging environment.
MajorIssues impact a limited subset of functionalities or users or a non-business critical environment.
  • A single user is unable to login;
  • An analysis is failing on one or more projects, but not all;
  • Unstable system with tool crashes that don’t resolve after restart;
  • License/subscription that is about to expire beyond the 14-day grace period;
  • A secondary SonarQube environment is down or non-functional.
MinorProduct questions or enhancement requests.
  • Basic functional questions; 
  • Suggestions for a capability request, change, or improvement; 
  • Issues that may appear as real issues but are in fact known limitations. 
Categories of issue severity