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Sonar's Clean Code webinar series

These webinars are the perfect opportunity to hear in-depth insights about the benefits and methodology behind Clean Code, and our latest offerings, from the very teams that build our products.


End-to-end security in a web application

Join Damien Bowden, Microsoft MVP, and Denis Troller from Sonar as they present a developer session on how authentication, authorization, and security requirements can be implemented using ASP.NET Core!

You’ll learn about implementation using Angular/Blazor (UI), server-rendered apps like ASP.NET Core Razor/MVC, the different OpenID Connect/OAuth flows to use, and how a SAST Solution like Sonar completes the security aspect.

  • Who this is intended for: .NET Developers
  • When: Thursday, June 6th - 5 pm CEST / 10 am CDT
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