Sonar's Clean Code webinar series

These webinars are the perfect opportunity to hear in-depth insights about the benefits and methodology behind Clean Code, and our latest offerings, from the very teams that build our products.

Clean Code Webinar Series

The Power of Clean C++

We use C++ for its raw power. But that power comes at a price: the language is notoriously hard to use correctly and efficiently - especially both at the same time. And that's before you try and make it easy for the next person to read, too!

Regardless of our skill level we could all use a little help writing our best code. In this webinar you’ll learn how you can be guided by tools that work in your IDE, on your builder server or CI, and as you merge pull requests. We'll look at a series of examples of real code - some with less-than-obvious issues and see how these tools work. We’ll get your code clean - and stay clean - with minimal effort and without being overloaded with warnings. 

Who should attend: C++ Developers new to Sonar

When: Dec 7, 2022 - 10 am CST / 5pm CET

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Phil Nash, C++ Developer Advocate Hosts a Webinar
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Scaling Clean Code Across Your Enterprise

As your organization adopts Clean Code practices, it’s important to implement consistent software standards while maintaining agile practices.

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Sprinkle the Clean Code magic in your JavaScript projects

Key concepts, some best practices and tools you can start using today to take your frontend JavaScript code to the next clean level.

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Clean Code: Your Software Done Right

Learn how a Clean Code practice can extend software longevity with minimal investment and zero disruption.

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Refactoring with Cognitive Complexity

Learn more about Cognitive Complexity and demonstrating how you can use it to refactor your code for better understandability.

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Empowering Developers to Own Code Security

Learn a bit about the Security market, our Sonar SAST value proposition, and demo the developer security experience in SonarQube.

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