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SonarQube Community Edition

SonarQube's Community Edition provides developers and development teams with a smart and integrated solution for code review. Its unique leak methodology enables developers to systematically improve maintainability, reliability and security across 17 programming languages through direct integration with popular IDEs, build tools and workflows.

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SonarQube Community Edition Features

the tooling you need to deliver better, cleaner code

Enable your team to systematically deliver code that meets high quality standards, for every project, at every step in the workflow.

17 languages covered

Analyze the quality of the code in your preferred language. Patch bugs, close vulnerabilities, and follow best practices with a single source of truth. 

integration with DevOps platforms

Project onboarding and PR decoration in GitHub, GitLab, Azure, Bitbucket; in-cloud & on-prem. Plus a Jenkins plugin and easy integration with other CI/CD systems.

clear go/no-go quality gate

Fail pipelines when the quality of code doesn’t meet your defined requirements and prevent problems from being merged or deployed.

super-fast analysis

Super-fast analysis helps you quickly assess where the code stands in pull requests and branches so you can remediate issues while your code is still fresh in mind.

shared, unified configurations

Align your team on a unified definition of code health. Collaborate efficiently with your team across projects to meet expectations set in your Quality Profile.

Sonarlint IDE integration

Extend SonarQube configurations and settings to your IDE for consistent, reliable analysis from the moment you start writing code. 

supports dozens of popular languages, development frameworks and IaC platforms

unique, industry-leading quality methodology

Leak approach

Get the developers to focus on the code they add or change, instead of looking at the debt that is already in the system. New issues are spotted quickly and can be fixed early, leading to automatic and organic increase in code quality.

Two developers work together to build new clean code

Quality Gates

Set a policy for shipping code to production, based on a leak approach. This will guarantee that code added and changed will meet the quality requirement and that overall quality of the application increases from version to version.

Sonar provides early SAST feedback around the number of Bugs, Vulnerabilities and code smells in your project

Short feedback loop

Increase development team speed and efficiency, reduce team friction and empower developers through rapid issue identification and short resolution timeframes.

With sonar you can assign issues to other developers to help keep your code clean
Community Edition

Full DevOps Integration

Build integration

Enable a "no-configuration" approach for your development with integration for most popular build tools. This provides out of the box support for popular Continuous Integration engines such as Jenkins, Azure DevOps, TeamCity and Bamboo.

IDE Integration

Check code quality on the fly with out-of-the-box IDE integration for IntelliJ IDEA, CLion, Eclipse, Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.

Pipeline and promotion

Integrate code quality verification to existing pipelines and to promotion process.

Background image of bits of code connecting to each other

need branch analysis?

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