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SonarQube Developer Edition

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  • 25+ languages, frameworks, and technologies
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frequently asked questions

Commercial Editions (Developer, Enterprise, and Data Center) are priced per instance per year and based on your lines of code (LOC). An instance is an installation of SonarQube. You pay per instance for a maximum number of LOC to be analyzed.

Developer Edition pricing starts at $160/yr for a maximum analysis of 100,000 LOC and can extend to $68,580/yr for a maximum analysis of 20M LOC.

Enterprise Edition pricing starts at $21,000/yr for a maximum analysis of 1M LOC and can extend to $252,000/yr for a  maximum analysis of 100M LOC.

Need to analyze more lines of code? Check out our Data Center Edition, and discover the horizontal scalability and high availability for global deployments! Get in touch with sales for detailed pricing.