Developer EditionDeveloper Edition

Built for developers by developers

All Community Edition features, plus:
Branch analysis
SonarLint notifications
Detection of injection vulnerabilities
Support for 17 languages
Also available as a service on SonarCloud

Developer Edition provides innovative features for developers to systematically track and improve code quality. It comes with branch analysis, smart IDE notifications and support for 17 programming languages on top of SonarSource's industry-leading, open source products. This Edition also delivers advanced security checks for detecting injection vulnerabilities in Java and C#.

Best-in-Class Products

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Automatic code review tool to detect bugs, code smells and vulnerability issues. Easy to integrate with DevOps toolchains.

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IDE extension for real-time code quality feedback. Assists developers to deliver cleaner code as they work.

Code Analyzers

Smart code analysis

Deep analysis helps track down hard-to-find bugs and quality issues. Advanced, highly accurate techniques such as data flow analysis maximize productivity by reducing false positives.

Developer Awesomeness, All Baked In!

Branch analysis

Track the quality of short-lived and long-lived code branches in SonarQube. Review branch quality on an ongoing basis to ensure delivered code matches best practices and standards.

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Branch Analysis

SonarLint smart notifications

Get real-time code notifications from SonarQube in your IDE as you work. Track release status and keep abreast of issues you introduce.

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IDE Notifications

Programming Languages Coverage

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • TypeScript
  • Go
  • Flex
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Web
  • XML
  • C/C++
  • Objective-C
  • T-SQL
  • ABAP
  • PL/SQL
  • Swift
  • VB.Net

Developer Edition is available up to 20M Lines of Code.
Beyond, you surely need governance features which come with Enterprise Edition.

Business Benefits

Full-featured quality management tool for small or large development teams
Maximum visibility of open issues and quality status through branch analysis features
Increased developer productivity through real-time quality notifications
Ongoing monitoring of project health through browser-based dashboards

Support Option

Optional paid support helps you quickly and effectively resolve problems with your SonarSource deployment. Gain insight into how to use the great features of our products, learn best practices and find specific solutions for your use cases.

In addition it gives you access to one testing and one staging instances.