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SonarQube 9.8

December 19, 2022

SonarQube 9.8 - Fast Kotlin PRs; SARIF import; C++20 concepts; JS + AWS CDK; SCIM deprovisioning

  • PRs more accurate & faster for Kotlin
  • JavaScript rules to master security in the AWS CDK
  • New rules help you master C++20 concepts
  • SARIF report import
  • Ops: Okta/SCIM integration & more

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October 17, 2022

SonarQube 9.7 - Fast JavaScript, TypeScript PR analysis, GitHub Security & OWASP ASVS reporting

  • Faster analysis for JS/TS PRs, COBOL
  • Vulnerabilities reported in GitHub Security & OWASP ASVS reports
  • Easier SAML config, PII deletion, user messages
  • Rules more helpful, understandable than ever

Full SonarQube 9.7 Announcement -->


August 15, 2022

SonarQube 9.6 - K8S analysis, Azure Function support, Incremental Java PR analysis & more

  • Azure Function rules & deconstruction support
  • Incremental Java PR analysis
  • React: New rules, improved accuracy for JS/TS
  • PCI DSS security report

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