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deploying and running SonarQube with Docker

You can quickly deploy SonarQube in a Docker container. Start with our documentation site for detailed instructions on how to install and run a SonarQube server, or watch the helpful tutorial below.

SonarQube Install Documentation

install SonarQube with Docker

In this 6 minute video, watch and learn how to easily install SonarQube with Docker.

need to deploy a cluster?

With SonarQube Data Center Edition, you can deploy SonarQube in a cluster for resiliency. Find out how in our detailed documentation.

Deploy a SonarQube Cluster

use the Docker pulls below to grab the latest image of your preferred SonarQube edition

Community Edition
docker pull sonarqube:community
Developer Edition
docker pull sonarqube:developer
Enterprise Edition
docker pull sonarqube:enterprise
Data Center Edition (search nodes and app nodes run in separate containers)
docker pull sonarqube:datacenter-search
docker pull sonarqube:datacenter-app
Docker Hub

official images

SonarQube Dockerfiles of the most recent and Long Term Support (LTS) versions are available in Docker Hub.

SonarQube on Docker Hub >

DoD Standards

STIG-hardened, Iron Bank approved

Our Iron Bank images are hardened to U.S Department of Defense standards. You can benefit from the same level of STIG-hardened security too. Just register with Iron Bank to get started.

Iron Bank >

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