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Azure Functions

July 11, 2022

Applying Microsoft Guidelines to Azure Functions

Build scalable cloud applications with clean Azure functions thanks to this set of new rules based on the Microsoft guidelines. Learn more

Language Icon

June 29, 2022

Languages version update

Go 1.18, Ruby 3.1, Scala 2.13.8 and 3.1.2, and Apex 54.12.0 can now be scanned with this latest update. Learn more


June 22, 2022

Python 'None' value

Think about a bug we all faced at least once with Python. SonarCloud now detects when a 'None' value is accessed which leads to an AttributeError. Learn more


June 03, 2022

Hard coded passwords in Java files

More than detecting hard-coded passwords in your Java files, detect hard-coded secrets by checking if variables or fields are assigned a pseudorandom hard-coded value. Learn more

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