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Discover the latest features released in SonarCloud

C Plus Plus

November 23, 2022

New GitHub action for C/C++

Set your analysis up in seconds by adding a few lines to your pipeline configuration! A new GitHub action has been released to analyze your C, C++, and Objective-C code. Learn more


November 16, 2022

AWS CDK for JavaScript and TypeScript

Analyze the inline JavaSript and TypeScript code inside YAML for AWS::Lambda::Function and AWS::Serverless::Function and get your AWS CDK code more secure! Learn more


November 14, 2022

Crash with KeyError/IndexError exceptions

Access to the wrong list or the wrong dictionary will make your application crash with KeyError or IndexError exceptions. SonarCloud will now help you prevent such a case.  Learn more


October 07, 2022

Python + AWS CDK encryption problems

Identify Encryption at Rest and at Transit problems in your code when using Python with the AWS Cloud Development Kit. Also, support for domains such as Public Access, Network, Firewall, Permission, and Access Control is coming soon. Learn more


October 06, 2022

Hard-coded passwords detection in Java files

It's the end of hard-coded passwords left mistakenly in the Java code! SonarCloud now detects when a hard-coded string is provided to a method that expects a password, a secret, or a key as a parameter. Learn more


September 28, 2022

SonarCloud’s facelift step 1

A more modern, consistent, and accessible UI for SonarCloud is born. New shapes, new colors, new fonts, consolidated layouts, and components... We have touched up multiple parts of the UI encompassing many areas of the application.

In a nutshell, here are the improvements:

  • A new set of fonts
  • Revamped color palette
  • Unified layouts
  • Modernized componentry

This release is the first step of a long journey that brings a fresh look and feel to SonarCloud. Stay tuned for more about this work that will eventually make a dark mode available for SonarCloud. Learn more

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