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How Clean Code Practices Help You Retain Your Development Talent

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Liz Ryan

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In every career path there are elements of the job that are exciting and elements that are just part of doing business - the tasks that must be completed to get to the good stuff. Developers know that fixing coding issues is just “part of doing business,” but oftentimes this isn’t simply a quick task to get past. Instead of solving interesting problems, there may be times when a dev’s entire day is spent slogging through a coding issue. In fact, 44% of developers say their biggest pain point is fixing software bugs and errors. In any job, if you’re never allowed to get to the things that attracted you in the first place, it can easily turn into a grind over time. 

More than a third of devs say that if they didn’t have to spend so much time fixing code, in their personal lives they would spend more time with their family, exercise more, and maybe even get a full night’s sleep! Professionally, 52% of devs said they would use the time to build new features and functionality and 42% said that they would simply be able to “do their job.” Baffling, isn’t it? When the focus is always on addressing issues and manually digging out of technical debt, your development team is left with little time at all to do the things they want, professionally and personally. 

It can be challenging to maintain good coding vibes when your team or company often prioritizes feature delivery over code quality. If your developers are never allowed the time to work on new and exciting things they may eventually find somewhere else to bring their coding talents to.

Keep your team happy with Clean Code

By putting the power of Clean Code practices in the palm of your developers' hands, you can help ensure that they are working on the projects that excite them rather than the issues that stifle them. When you choose to Clean As You Code, you set the expectation that, moving forward, new code that is added or changed does not introduce new issues. That’s it. No digging into debt or chasing legacy issues down for days. Over time, old code is touched to make new edits which allows the overall quality to improve without looking backwards.

When quality code is written and issues are remediated from the start, time and effort is saved. This makes a dev’s job easier and more interesting. 

With Clean Code, your developers can:

  • Own the quality of their code delivery: Developers can focus on the quality of the code they touch rather than spending hours cleaning up someone else's work. They can take pride in what they deliver and achieve exceptional results, knowing that the code they contribute will help create the best possible product.
  • Innovate with intention: When code is clean from the start, developers can spend more time pursuing and executing on interesting new challenges that create the products and features customers want, which ultimately supports the success of the business.
  • Deliver timely, high quality releases: Code that’s always clean leaves room for your team to create consistency and dependability in your release cycles. When code is the best quality that it can be, releases become easier to manage and communicate on, which sets expectations and creates results.
  • Enjoy being part of the team: When the team provides excellent delivery, a more trusting and positive work environment can flourish. Without the delays and frustration that issues can cause, the team can feel empowered to bring new ideas to the table and be a part of the strategic direction of new projects.
  • Build career expertise: Clean Code practices arm you with the tools you need to quickly solve issues as you write code. You can more easily understand mistakes, uncover best practices, and make better coding decisions while you work, instead of trying to address it later, increasing your knowledge as a developer.

While some things may just be “part of the job,” why make it harder than it needs to be? Giving your team the tools they need to make their job easier and more interesting should be a no brainer for helping keep them happy. Clean Code practices are easy to adopt and readily integrate into your development workflow from IDE to release with the Sonar solution. Learn more about the impact Clean Code can have on your development teams here.