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An Open Letter to Sonar[Qube] Users

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Lynne Doherty

President of Field Operations


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  • Clean Code
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Whether it’s human or AI-generated code, code quality and code security are what we do best. 

Sonar solves the trillion-dollar challenge of bad code by analyzing all code to test for issues that lead to unreliable, unmaintainable, and insecure software. Used by more than 7M developers and 400K organizations today, our solutions — SonarQube, SonarCloud, and SonarLint — support over 30 programming languages, frameworks, and infrastructure technologies. Sonar’s offering is designed to help minimize risk, reduce technical debt, and derive more value in a predictable and sustainable way. As Sonar’s new President of Field Operations, I want to introduce myself, share my excitement about the journey ahead, and re-iterate the continued commitment that Sonar has to your success. 


About me

I’ve recently started my journey at Sonar after 25 years of working in the technology industry. I started my career as a developer, so joining Sonar feels like a “full-circle moment” for me. Most recently, I served as President of Worldwide Field Operations at Sumo Logic. Prior to that, I was Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at McAfee Enterprise, and before that, I spent 15 years at Cisco where I held various leadership roles including Senior Vice President of US Commerical Sales and Vice President of Americas Security Sales. 

Leading go-to-market organizations over the years, my focus has been on advocating for my customers, building world-class teams, fostering relationships, and building competitive team cultures with people who desire to grow and learn together. It’s brought me to this exciting step in my career at Sonar, where the inflection point of market need and opportunity collide. 

The journey ahead

Over the last 15 years, Sonar has gained a deep understanding of how code is written and managed. With that knowledge, we have redefined what it means to write Clean Code in today’s software development lifecycle, helping organizations accelerate mission-critical software development, manage proliferating risks, and build fast and reliable applications.

My team at Sonar exists to help organizations and developers around the world find and see the value that better code can bring. As AI-generated code becomes a bigger part of our world, solutions like Sonar become even more critical to leverage… and it’s our mission to provide them. Some of our benefits to you are: 

  • Analysis of AI-generated code for quality and security issues
  • A secure-by-design approach, avoiding code-level security issues and vulnerabilities from the start
  • Improved developer experience, with a focus on education 
  • Improved sustainability and maintainability of your codebase, along with reduction of tech debt over time
  • Better visibility and governance across your organization for code that’s put into production


Our commitment

Bad code is bad for business. And we’re here to help you solve that challenge by protecting you from code bugs and vulnerabilities that put your customers at risk, ruin developer experience, and even damage your reputation. It’s all top-of-mind for us, and we’re committed to continue delivering the innovation you need to stay in control. 

As for me personally, I am committed to bringing this powerful technology to the hands of more customers around the world, to enabling the channel to tap into our partnerships in new ways, and to growing the best team to serve our customers and partners as we build for our future together.


Thank you for your partnership, support, and trust.

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