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May 21–23, 2024

Microsoft Build

Visit our Expert Meet-Up space #FP36, talk to one of our team members, and see a demo of how Microsoft Copilot works with SonarQube to win a pair of RayBan Smart Glasses. Want to see SonarQube in action before the event? Request a demo with our team!

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Meet us at Microsoft Build 2024 in Seattle!

Register for Microsoft Build 2024 now and be sure not to miss our sessions during the event!



Request a Demo or Visit us at the Expert Meet up #FP36 and see a demo of Sonar and GitHub Copilot!

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Want to learn more about SonarQube before the event? Request a demo with a team member!

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You've Got Mail! And I'm Root on Your Zimbra Server

In this talk, we break down how we approached a complex enterprise web target from the viewpoint of a sophisticated attacker.

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A Common Bypass Pattern To Exploit Modern Web Apps

In this talk, we express a common theme in code vulnerabilities as a simple, abstract methodology that seems to have gone unnoticed in the industry.

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Sonar Developer Advocates, engineers, and developers give hundreds of talks every year. Here are just some of those we have selected from past conferences and events that give insight into Clean Code and its benefits.

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