MISRA C++ 2023

Sonar supports latest MISRA C++ 2023 guidelines

Your safety-critical software benefits from Sonar. After actively contributing to the MISRA C++2023 guidelines, Sonar offers coding guidance from the IDE onwards for your mission-critical applications.

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In the world of embedded software, the significance of MISRA coding guidelines in ensuring compliance for safety-critical systems is paramount. Download MISRA C++ 2023 Guidelines explained for an insightful understanding of MISRA, its influential coding guidelines, and the role of static analysis in refining code for embedded systems.

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Sonar rules help you write MISRA-compliant, Clean Code, from the outset

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Clean Code in your IDE

SonarLint in your IDE is your first line of defense for keeping the code you write today clean and secure. In addition, specific MISRA C++ 2023 rules are available to help you create code that is best prepared for eventual certification. It offers coding guidance, explaining the why behind a flagged issue, and how to fix it.

Clean Code for your team

Sonar is tightly integrated with your CI/CD workflow and enables teams to align around a common set of MISRA C++ 2023-specific coding guidelines. Using SonarQube ensures your embedded software contains only high-quality code, that is code that is consistent, intentional, adaptable, and responsible; which means code that is best positioned for eventual certification to MISRA C++ 2023 guidelines.

continuous improvement

Sonar is continuously adding more MISRA C++ 2023 rules to help you write MISRA-compliant code. These include rules specific to embedded or real-time software, as well as rules relating to the MISRA guidelines that help you write safe code for any environment.  Each rule explains why it is an issue, along with sample code for maximum clarity and ease of understanding.

Safety-critical software demands Clean Code

Sonar static analysis helps you build and maintain high-quality C++ code. Covering popular build systems, standards and versions, Sonar elevates your coding game while keeping vulnerabilities at bay.

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SonarQube has brought code quality back to the forefront of developer thoughts and discussions rather than just completing tasks. This allows us to standardize the use of newer C++ features and periodically review our current coding standards as well as improvements that can be made against things like C++ Core Guidelines, MISRA C++ 2023 guidelines, etc.

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