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SonarQube is used on a daily basis by Zitro Games to review its C++ and PHP code and assign quality improvement tasks to its engineers.

The state-of-the-art gaming platforms Zitro Games produces are expected to run non-stop, without faults or errors, so software quality is absolutely critical to its business operations. But producing the perfect Bingo software just once isn’t enough. To maintain its position as a global leader in video Bingo games, Zitro must keep up with the pace of innovation, which means frequent releases. And since Zitro produces gambling software that handles real money, those releases have to be as close to perfect as possible. Maintaining the short release cycles Zitro needs to stay competitive can only be done if it has a clear, comprehensive and up-to-date picture of the quality impacts of the changes in a release.

Software quality – Where to start?

When it came to checking and improving its software quality, Zitro just didn’t know where to start. First, there wasn’t a clear picture of the current state of the software. That meant that even though it wanted to dedicate resources to improve the overall quality of its software, Zitro staffers couldn’t organize their improvement efforts effectively because they had no idea what to focus on. Floundering, they did the only thing they could think of; “we were doing tedious, manual code reviews of all the new code, every release version,” Zitro R&D Director Xavi Albors said.

SonarQube provides a clear view on the overall source code quality

When they discovered SonarQube, Zitro staffers realized they had hit upon an efficient and affordable tool to automatically check all their C++ and PHP code on a daily basis. “We still do some manual code reviews in some important parts of the core, but not in all the code, as before,” Albors said. Now, “we only review SonarQube reports.” Even better, they’re able to use SonarQube’s Issue workflows to manage the remediation of what shows up in those reports from the same interface.

With SonarQube’s benefits clearly demonstrated, Zitro management decided to deploy it across the organization. Key SonarQube features like the Issue management system sped up development team adoption, and SonarQube’s dashboards provided consolidated views of important information to everyone in the organization.

The result: Significant time-saving and code quality improvements

Today, Zitro uses SonarQube to analyse approximately 250,000 Lines of Code, which are divided among 17 projects, and maintained by a team of 20 engineers. Applications are analyzed daily, via a direct integration with their Quickbuild build server. Each day the new SonarQube findings are reviewed, and the Issues management workflow is used to assign quality improvement tasks. “We gain time in all of our teams and raise our source code quality because a machine is watching us!” Albors said.

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