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Clean Code: The Best Approach to Writing Secure Cloud Native Apps

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Clint Cameron

Product Marketing Manager


  • Clean Code
  • Clean as You Code
  • Learn as You Code
  • Security
  • appsec
  • Cloud
  • AWS
  • Quality

What you'll learn

  • How security in the cloud is different
  • Why you need a Clean Code process for your apps
  • What is the Clean as You Code methodology?
  • What makes Clean as You Code different
  • How to truly shift left with Sonar
  • How to get started today with Clean as You Code
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Perhaps you've already jumped into cloud native technologies or you're just wading in.  Either way, it's an important investment you're making in the quest to deliver more functionality to your users in less time. It's true users today are very demanding and it's also important to keep them safe. 

Cloud native technologies introduce many new attack planes and vulnerabilities. Many organizations have failed to adjust and continue to rely on traditional security practices that are insufficient for modern cloud-based technologies. 

This leaves a gap and gaps mean risk. Developers must take the lead in protecting their cloud native apps. Coding mistakes are the primary cause of breaches – and developers are in the best position to identify and fix those errors. In this article, we look at ways your team can approach security threats using developer-first methodologies.