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Sonar is partnered with AWS to help developers consistently write code that is robust, secure and dependable. The breadth of AWS cloud services combined with unparalleled support enables Sonar to efficiently deliver Clean Code tools to all development teams - large and small.

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Enable your team to deliver clean code consistently and efficiently with automatic code analysis tools that easily integrate into popular DevOps platforms and extend your CI/CD workflow.

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AWS Qualified Partner

Sonar is proud to be a trusted AWS partner. Our growing collaboration with AWS will continue to help more developers write high-quality code powering applications that users love. 

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How Sonar delivers more with AWS

Sonar has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate Program to bring fast, accurate static code analysis to AWS Customers.

Clean Code

SonarCloud on AWS

SonarCloud is a SaaS tool hosted on AWS that enables development teams to deliver clean code consistently and efficiently every day.

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Visit the AWS Marketplace listing to see all the Sonar Clean Code products. Free options are available for all Sonar tools.

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"Through our strategic partnership with AWS, we are able to bring Clean Code tools to every developer that seeks to write better software. With AWS as our trusted partner, we are harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies, driving innovation and delivering exceptional value to our customers. This collaboration has truly been a game-changer, propelling Sonar to greater heights and reshaping how quality software is built."

Andrea Malagodi CTO

Andrea Malagodi, CTO @ Sonar

As a Service. SonarCloud.

Deliver Clean Code with SonarCloud

Sonar leverages AWS to give cloud-based development teams a flexible and efficient SaaS-based tool for writing clean, secure software applications. SonarCloud provides static code analysis for more than 30 languages, frameworks and technologies including Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

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Transparency matters. Check out how these projects show a real commitment to quality to their community.

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“We operate on continuous integration, running very regular releases, so we're focused on the speed and reliability of delivery while also making our developers confident in the code they're writing - Sonar helps us achieve this.”

Michael Tweed, Principal Software Engineer @ Skyscanner

Customer Success Story


Post pandemic, Skyscanner strategically scaled up tools and resources to support their 10 development teams distributed globally across multiple time zones. Skyscanner didn't want to sacrifice quality in their pursuit of customer growth. Sonar was the perfect solution to ensure that the development team understood and adopted consistent code quality standards across the organization.

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