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Sonar Achieves ISO 27001 Certification

Leading solutions provider for clean code demonstrates robust and mature approach to internal security management that meets the highest security standards

Sonar, the leading provider of solutions to clean code, today announced it has obtained ISO 27001 certification for its information security management systems (ISMS). This accreditation reinforces the company’s commitment to achieving the highest level of internal compliance, security and information management to support its global customer base.

“SonarSource is in a period of rapid growth, and as we add new customers and work to advance our suite of products for developers, we are also committed to maintaining the highest level of internal security possible,” said Andrea Malagodi, Sonar Chief Technology Officer. “Our experienced internal security team has been working tirelessly to ensure we meet the stringent requirements expected by the market in these times. The fact that we were able to attain ISO 27001 certification within a year is a testament to the expertise of our team, our technical capabilities and our dedication to meeting the needs of our customers.”

Established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), 27001 certification specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and continually improving an ISMS. As part of the certification process, the Sonar ISMS was strictly evaluated and assessed by a third-party auditor for internal security and privacy protection and was found to meet the ISO’s strict compliance standards. To maintain this status, the company will undergo an annual audit cycle to demonstrate its adherence to the ISO standards and display improvements to its own internal processes.

In 2021, Sonar added over 5,000 customers, reaching the 15,000 commercial customers milestone in record time. It also strengthened its leadership team with the addition of a Chief Technology Officer and Chief Financial Officer. As Sonar achieves massive market momentum, the security and integrity of its people, processes, data and technology remain paramount. Sonar will pursue other accreditations to its ISO certification, such as SOC2 T2, in the future.

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