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Sonar Named Leader in G2 Spring Report

Portrait of Zoe Bell at Sonar.

Zoe Bell

Demand Generation Manager

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We are excited to share that the G2 Spring 2024 reports were recently released, and once again, Sonar has been named the LEADER in Static Code Analysis

This honor reflects our commitment to excellence, highlighting SonarQube's focus on customer needs in features, functionality, and business value, and reinforces SonarQube's ability to enable developers to consistently deliver high-quality software that's fit for production. 

So, what is the G2 Grid?, formerly G2 Crowd, is a peer-to-peer review site. The G2 Grid helps technology buyers visualize the marketplace to make informed software purchasing decisions. It maps the competitive landscape for a category by plotting each product or service against Satisfaction and Market Presence scores. Scores are generated based on verified user reviews of products and online metrics like web traffic trends, social following, and more. The results are then used to plot products into a quadrant.

The four quadrants in a G2 Grid are leaders, high performers, contenders, and niche.

What makes SonarQube so great? 

This static code analysis tool is a self-hosted code quality and security solution that deeply integrates into your enterprise environment, enabling you to deploy clean code consistently and reliably. Its position as the Leader of the G2 reports is fueled by over 7M developers and 400k+ organizations who know the Sonar solution - talk about a lot of love! SonarQube offers: 

  • Coverage for 30+ languages, frameworks, and IaC platforms
  • Seamless integrations with multiple IDEs 
  • Security by design and a shift-left approach with advanced SAST capabilities 
  • Security reporting, secrets detection & advanced bug detection 
  • And much more!

Check out what the following G2 reviewers had to say about SonarQube: 

“We have implemented it across our org, and it has been awesome. Code coverage everywhere has gone up, more bugs are being fixed, and there is more visibility into the team's tech debt.” - Kelli K., Senior Software Engineer 

“SonarQube became my main platform for consolidating unit test results, code coverage and static code analysis. SonarQube Dashboard has become my benchmark for software development maturity. Other static code analyzers can also report errors, but unlike SonarQube, it shows very nice examples of compliant and non-compliant code. This has helped me a lot throughout my software development career.” - Murtadha Bazli, Senior Embedded System Engineer

“SonarQube has been an invaluable tool for our development team that helps us catch issues earlier on in the SDLC. We like the wide range of static code analysis rules, easy-to-use UI, and the large number of supported programming languages.” -  Verified User in Manufacturing

“Amazing user interface, fast learning curve, faster installation and deployment, good customer support, security scanning features and code smells!” - NItin K.

“SonarQube helps us improve the reliability of our applications and reduce our technical support burden. It also helps us mature the code base, which makes subsequent development faster and easier.” - Verified User in Computer Software

You can read all SonarQube reviews on the SonarQube G2 page.

Check out our interactive demo if you're curious to explore the features that have garnered this recognition. Or, join the millions of developers using SonarQube to write code that leads to secure, reliable, and maintainable software by requesting a demo to see for yourself!