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Smarter Together: Fostering a culture of collaboration and growth at Sonar

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Marisa Davis

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Culture is truly alive at Sonar; it’s an everyday experience for every SonarSourcer. Everything we do, the challenges we pick, and the way we interact with one another is guided by our core values. One of these values is "Smarter Together" and I want to double-click on it today. 

We have excellent people, we want to achieve excellent things, and we want to achieve them together. To do this, we have fully embraced the power of collective intelligence. Our work environment is highly collaborative, with minimal hierarchy. We strive to move towards our vision as quickly and effectively as possible by fostering teamwork, supporting one another and continuously seeking learning opportunities, and leveraging the diverse perspectives at hand.

How does that translate into our daily lives as SonarSourcers? 

Building solutions together

We believe that no one is as smart as all of us working as one. This collective energy allows us to reach a level of idea generation, problem-solving, and decision-making that is much superior to what might be achieved by isolated individual members. In other words, by freely sharing knowledge, ideas, and skills, we create a fertile discussion leading us to develop the best solutions. Collective intelligence also channels our energies into finding the best next challenge for us to focus on. Working this way doesn't mean we are looking for consensus, rather we are aiming at making the best decisions possible by listening to diverse perspectives. 

What this means concretely is that SonarSourcers take their mission seriously but do not take themselves seriously. We do serious work and know how to have fun. We rarely try to solve a problem alone. We bond through many formal and informal Sonar events. We have a high level of trust and respect toward each other which allows us to ask for help when needed and to challenge each other in building better solutions. We also promote transparency and have many opportunities to share our work through our internal forum and weekly internal demo time where anyone can showcase their work. These numerous cross-team events foster the cross-pollination of good practices and the emergence of new ideas. At the same time, they unite us as an organization.

Becoming better together

We learn from each other by continuously working closely together to refine our solutions, optimize our processes, and improve our teams' maturity. In our day-to-day Sonar lives, we rely on a very strong and benevolent feedback culture.

Since we do not rely on hierarchical structures to be organized, it is crucial we are able to work together in a healthy, constructive, and efficient way. As such, we take responsibility for each other's growth and development. At the group level, sharing feedback allows us to identify areas that prevent smooth collaboration and make adjustments. It is also an opportunity to recognize and acknowledge actions or behaviors that have a positive impact on our interactions and output so that we can replicate them in our future instances of collaboration and continue to improve as a team.

At Sonar, sharing feedback is a regular and natural part of our interactions. It is a vital component of our continuous improvement and we embrace it as an opportunity to learn, grow, and enhance our teamwork.

Achieving more together

We believe in the multiplying effect of diverse expertise, viewpoints, cultures, and behaviors. Everyone's opinion is valuable. Fresh perspectives from different backgrounds are as important as the ones from more seasoned Sonarsourcers. It is the combination of contributions that enables us to tackle complex challenges and generate innovative, meaningful solutions. By embracing diversity, we cultivate a dynamic, forward-thinking community that is always looking for new ways to improve, overcome challenges and grow, both our solutions and as an organization.

In our lives at Sonar, this involves having honest and empathetic communication. We always try to have a high-quality equal relationship: everyone is treated with respect and listened to, regardless of tenure, age, origin, and position. SonarSourcers can be and are expected to be their true self. We also have the right to challenge anything with the intention of helping another evaluate the limits of a solution or idea or ensuring that it solves the correct problem. As valuable members of our team-based organization, SonarSourcers are responsible for voicing their opinion. At the same time, they take ownership and responsibility for their words.

Growing smarter together

At Sonar, we truly believe that we are Smarter Together and strive to foster a culture where everyone is encouraged to share knowledge, challenge things, and embrace diversity.

Our collective energy is key to developing better solutions. We also understand that we all have something to learn from each other. By embracing our diversity and treating each other equally, we create a culture of mutual respect and growth. This environment enables us to grow stronger and more effective as a team-based organization. We know that our individual strengths are amplified when we work together, and we are committed to maintaining this spirit of collaboration to achieve our vision.

If you want to be part of our Smarter Together culture, check out our current openings here.