Code Security

Your code isn’t ‘done’ until it’s secure!

Code security should be front and center and owned by the developer. Other code security products rely on auditors and separate processes to find vulnerabilities. SonarSource puts developers in the driver’s seat and empowers them to own code security.

security is bolted onto the developer workflow

Security that’s integral to YOUR workflow

All too often, security is bolted onto the developer workflow or even runs as a separate function with a feedback loop inserted haphazardly back into the flow. This is annoying at best and downright disruptive at worst.

SonarSource puts the developer back in charge and in control of their code security. Our products raise security issues right in your pull/merge requests so you're aware right away. This is logical because things are still fresh in your mind and we offer contextual help and examples to help you efficiently remedy issues.

Delight your users and keep them safe

Your talent and passion shine through in delighted users AND you’d hate to compromise them. The security of the finished product tops efficient algorithms and blazing performance. SonarSource gives you the tools to make your code clean, efficient and secure - all in the same place!

SonarSource gives you the tools to write clean
Get code analysis results in minutes!

Power and precision for the win

Achieving a nicely secure app shouldn’t be a painful experience waiting for the analysis to finish. There's no need to wait for hours with SonarSource - get code analysis results in just minutes! And know that when a vulnerability is raised on your code, there IS something to fix. We’ve made it our mission to kill false-positives.

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Code Quality and Security on-premise with SonarQube

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