We add value to development organizations as a whole.

Regardless of your role in a development organization, SonarSource solutions add value because we have the cutting-edge features you need to maximize quality and manage risk in your software portfolio.

for Developers

Software developers are ultimately responsible for code quality.

Code quality is part of what are called non-functional requirements, and as such is the direct responsibility of developers. Because code quality is not something that should be put off until later, our solution provides feedback at every step of the development process, from IDE to release, including any intermediary promotions.

This enables developers to make early and educated decisions about code quality, empowering them to do a better job and deliver better software.



for DevOps

DevOps teams need to make sure software was built the right way.

DevOps teams have many responsibilities. Among them is supporting the development process, automating testing, ensuring quality, increasing productivity… and ultimately enabling continuous deployment. Good code quality is a necessary, although not sufficient, condition to achieve all these objectives. Our solution provides a code quality toll-gate that can be added at any of the construction / testing / deployment steps.

This enables devOps teams to automatically enforce a set of quality criteria, which ensures that organizations deliver better software.

for Executives

SonarSource solutions decrease risk and improve team productivity.

Executives need to be able to operate software safely and at a cost that justifies the return on investment. Our solution shows executives at a glance the operational risks they face as well as the costs for their mitigation. It also comes out-of-the-box with features that will systematically improve maintainability and thus long-term productivity of development teams.

This enables executives to ensure their organizations deliver better software, using a risk-controlled approach at the best cost.