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Sonar Trademark Use Guidelines

Find more information below on the trademarks owned by SonarSource and the guidelines for use if you intend to use any of the related marks.

SonarSource owns several trademarks, including SonarTM, SonarSourceTM, SonarQubeTM, SonarLintTM, and SonarCloudTM (collectively, the “Sonar Marks”). These are the guidelines that you must follow if you intend to use a Sonar Mark. These guidelines have been built to protect Sonar Marks, reduce confusion for our customers, and also make sure that our marks are not misrepresented.


  • Use a Sonar Mark only in a way that honestly and accurately describes your software. Keep it factual and descriptive. 
  • Use a Sonar Mark only in descriptive text (not, for example, in titles and headlines) in an identical size, type, color, and style to the rest of the descriptive text.
  • Include a superscript “TM” with your use of a Sonar Mark.
  • Make it clear that your software is not a SonarTM product and state that the Sonar Mark is a registered trademark of SonarSource SA.
  • Use a Sonar Mark only as an adjective to a noun (e.g., for use with SonarTM software).
  • Make attribution of the technology to SonarSource.

Do Not

  • Do not use a Sonar Mark in a way that implies partnership, sponsorship, or endorsement.
  • Do not use a Sonar Mark any more than is necessary to factually describe your software. If the expression or sentence has the same meaning without the Sonar Mark, remove it.
  • Do not use a Sonar Mark in your website name, business name, product name, trademarks, domain registrations, social media handles, brand assets, etc.
  • Do not use a Sonar Mark as a noun.

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