unite your team around the delivery of clean code

With Sonar, developers can focus their talent on building the features that advance their careers and delight users.

keep your teams engaged

strengthen code ownership team-wide

Help teams take pride in their work and deliver better software. With our Clean as You Code methodology, developers can strictly focus on the quality of the code they touch rather than spending cycles cleaning up someone else's legacy code.

build new features rather than de-bugging old ones

More throughput, less disruption. When code is clean out of the gate, developers can focus on interesting new challenges and create the products and features your customers are looking for.

high ROI with shortened development cycles

Our metrics, your decisions. Sonar’s reporting capacity makes it easy to understand and assess the business impacts of clean code. When developers own quality, team leads can focus on decision-making for maximum impact and velocity.

a must-have for teams

Sonar is a growing trend


of developer time traditionally allocated to remediating bad code.


of developers say too much time spend debugging vs. creating


deficit in developers predicted by 2030.

code ownership

build code developers are proud to own

Why put off code quality when you can get the feedback you need from the get-go? Sonar offers a stable technical environment that gives dev teams the freedom to produce code they’re proud to call their own.

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The dashboard of a teams development portfolio is shown with the majority of projects having good code health
Technical Stability

deliver quality releases

With Sonar, technical stability is part of the game. Whether your focus is on the code base, developer talent or both, our solutions make it easy for team leads to deliver quality releases and keep dev teams feeling valued and motivated.

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Image shows overall health of a project with all areas having a passing score
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"What I like about SonarQube is that it gives a framework and set of rules that are accepted and well known to everyone. There is no discussion around whether it is relevant or not. It removes the discussion of who is right and who is wrong. SonarQube is right.”

Laurent Bel, Head of Architecture and Innovation @ Pernod Richard

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your source for static code analysis

Great product starts with transparency. For that reason, all our static analysis rules are open for you to check out and explore. For each rule, we provide code samples and guidance on the fix. All that is available openly because whether or not you choose to use our analysis, we want to help you and your team write better code.

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An example of a coding rule is shown from the SonarPedia page. In this example Noncompliant Code is shared along with a Compliant Solution.

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Our unique approach

clean code throughout the development workflow

Clean as You Code
When coding

discover issues from the moment you write code

The best place to find and fix issues? Right in your IDE, with on-the-fly optimized feedback on issues that can lead to bugs, security issues, code smells, and other problems.

Issues with code are revealed within the developers platform while guidance for remediation is provided from Sonar
When pushing

automated code analysis made easy

Augment manual code reviews with automated code analysis results available on Pull Requests right when it's needed to help implement maintainable Clean Code best practices.

The results of a pull request are shared
When Promoting

production-ready applications every time

Intelligent promotion of clean builds. Find out if an application passes or fails the release criteria with a Quality Gate—an out-of-the-box feature that natively implements the Clean as You Code™ practice.

New code is represented as a rocket taking off after having passed the organization's quality gate.
When Managing

assess risk throughout the whole organization

Gain visibility on operational, reputational, and security risks across the entire application portfolio with governance features designed for management teams.

A reliability rating of C and a score of 41.3% for coverage of new code is shown, giving an example of quality scores for a project.
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see how Sonar performs across other needs.