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August 09, 2023

New code definition setup is now part of project onboarding

We have introduced a new mandatory step during project onboarding as part of the Sonar Clean as You Code (CaYC) methodology. Intended to help teams focus on the most relevant issues, now when adding a new project from the SonarCloud UI you will be asked to select a New Code Definition (NCD). The organization's default NCD will be proposed if compatible with the CaYC methodology.

For further information, please refer to this Community announcement.


August 07, 2023

Deprecation of Java 11 as a runtime environment to scan your projects

Please note that, following the deprecation of Java 11, the support for Java 11 as a runtime environment for the Sonar scanners will end on 31st October 2023. We encourage you to migrate your scan pipelines to at least Java 17 as soon as possible. 

It’s important to clarify that this does not affect the Java version targeted by your project code.  It relates only to the JDK or JRE that is installed and used when running the SonarCloud scanner analysis tool. You can still scan Java 11 projects.

For further information, please refer to the SonarCloud documentation and the Community announcement.

July 26, 2023

Sonar helps Gradle users to adopt Kotlin DSL

To make it easier for Gradle users to adapt to Kotlin DSL as the default for new builds, we have implemented a new feature and set of rules that actively guide you through the process of configuring your build script. 

Find all the details in the Community post.

C sharp

July 12, 2023

New rules for handling date and time operations in C# and VB.NET

To improve our C# and VB.NET analysis, we've introduced 9 new rules that concentrate on standards and best practices for handling date and time operations. These rules address time arithmetic, common pitfalls, date parsing and formatting, and time zone conventions.

Find all the details in the Community post.


July 05, 2023

Experience SonarCloud in Dark Mode

You can now select between three themes for SonarCloud:

  • Sync with system
  • Dark theme
  • Light theme

Find all the details in the Community post.

C Sharp Logo

June 08, 2023

Build faster .NET apps that run faster and use less energy

SonarCloud has new performance-related rules for C# and VB.NET. Most of these are very simple, but effective, changes that allow your code to run more efficiently, especially when you are working with large collections. 

See all the details in the Community post.

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