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Discover the latest features released in SonarCloud


October 06, 2022

Hard-coded passwords detection in Java files

It's the end of hard-coded passwords left mistakenly in the Java code! SonarCloud now detects when a hard-coded string is provided to a method that expects a password, a secret, or a key as a parameter. Learn more


September 28, 2022

SonarCloud’s facelift step 1

A more modern, consistent, and accessible UI for SonarCloud is born. New shapes, new colors, new fonts, consolidated layouts, and components... We have touched up multiple parts of the UI encompassing many areas of the application.

In a nutshell, here are the improvements:

  • A new set of fonts
  • Revamped color palette
  • Unified layouts
  • Modernized componentry

This release is the first step of a long journey that brings a fresh look and feel to SonarCloud. Stay tuned for more about this work that will eventually make a dark mode available for SonarCloud. Learn more


September 27, 2022

Faster JS/TS PR analysis

JavaScript and TypeScript analysis duration of pull requests has been shortened by an average of 40%. Large projects are the ones where there is the biggest improvement. Learn more


September 13, 2022

Python critical bugs causing crashes

Avoid potential crashes or inappropriate behaviors for your Python app by identifying critical bugs. 3 new types of bugs can be detected with this latest Python analysis update. Learn more


September 09, 2022

Enhanced taint vulnerability dataflows

Quickly understand how a taint vulnerability is built in your code and make a faster decision on how to fix it with our enhanced dataflows providing more contextual information. Learn more


September 06, 2022

Clean Python unit tests

Clean Python code also involves proper unit tests. Check the quality of your Python tests written with unittest or pytest frameworks now with this latest Python analysis update. Learn more