SonarSource delivers what is probably the best static code analysis you can find for Flex. Based on our own technology, it uses the most advanced techniques (pattern matching, dataflow analysis) to analyze code and find Code Smells, Bugs, and Security Vulnerabilities. As with everything we develop at SonarSource, it was built on the principles of depth, accuracy, and speed.

SonarSource's Flex analysis has a great coverage of well-established quality standards. This feature is available throughout the development chain for automated code review with self-hosted SonarQube or cloud-based SonarCloud.

Supported Versions
  • ActionScript 2
  • ActionScript 3

SonarSource's Flex analysis supports the standard metrics implemented by SonarQube. Additionally, it supports the import of Cobertura code coverage reports.

Custom Rules

SonarSource's Flex analysis supports custom rules written in XPath.

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