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Modernize Code Quality with ‘Quick Fixes’

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Boost your productivity by automatically applying fixes to repair code quality issues in your IDE with SonarLint.

Delivering functional code that is reliable, safe, and on schedule is a high priority for most development teams. And you’ll agree that the earlier in your workflow you address quality and security issues, the better (and cheaper!). 

Today, I’d like to give you a quick tour of how you can maximize your efficiency and modernize your approach for delivering quality code with SonarLint’s ‘Quick Fix’ feature.

For those who aren’t familiar with SonarLint, it’s a free and open source IDE plugin that intelligently detects and helps you fix coding flaws as you write code. The extension supports your favorite IDE and programming language. 

Save time, increase efficiency

Have you come across a scenario where it took you multiple cycles to unravel a non-trivial bug and devise a solution to fix it? We all have. On numerous occasions.  

When a tool flags an issue in your code, you hope to get guidance on why the issue is problematic. Expert devs may be able to quickly craft a solution with even limited information and move on. But the vast majority of developers gain many educational benefits through more thorough contextual guidance and examples to address those problems. A good tool not only tells you what’s wrong and why, but also provides a clear explanation of what problems it may cause and how to fix them. 

The new quick-fix feature in SonarLint boosts your coding efficiency. 

By providing automated fixes that are adapted to your code, the tool helps you repair your coding flaws in real-time –– saving you time and effort by crafting a specific solution for your issue. 

By hovering over a highlighted problem or using the IDE configured shortcuts, you’ll be able to understand the issue, review the suggestions and instantly ‘apply’ the quick fix. 

Get a preview of this feature in action and then try it on your own Java code in IntelliJ IDEA (additional IDEs and languages to follow!)

Modernize Code Quality with Quick-Fixes | SonarLint

We hope you enjoy this efficient way of addressing your coding issues 🚀. Join us in the community to leave us your suggestions or feedback!