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Level up your team's skills as they code

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Each individual that makes up your development team has a passion for their career that's as unique and important as they are. While developers tirelessly work to deliver exceptional software to meet the expectations of the business, they also have aspirations of their own. In fact, 72% of developers say new challenges and continuous learning drew them to their careers. And the desire to keep their minds at work is strong. Around 75% of developers explore new technology at least once a year, with many saying they learn a new language, framework, or tool every few months. Plus, they really like coding - 88% of developers code outside of work, with 73% of them coding as a hobby. 

For many developers, their work isn't simply a job they do; it's a way of life. When they excel at their jobs and deepen their coding expertise, it can help improve the overall quality of their code writing and the speed at which they deliver it. This means that companies can only benefit from encouraging their developers to strengthen their coding skills in the name of quality, innovation, and retaining talent that wants to evolve.

Leveling up coding skills is essential for developers, but oftentimes, when an issue appears in their code, there's no way to gain quick access to why it's an issue when it’s needed most. Even when they dedicate countless hours to adopting coding best practices and learning new languages, there can still be gaps in their knowledge. Plus, not all coding issues are equal. Although some may be easy to find and fix, others aren't. When the context for the issue is unclear, the work to resolve it can be tedious and time intensive. Whether it’s reaching out to a colleague or diving into a deep pool of internet research, making the mental switch of jumping out of the coding flow to determine what’s wrong is disruptive and creates delays in code delivery. 

Learn as You Code with Sonar

Clear context and specific education for why an issue occurs and how to fix it should be by the developers’ side without leaving the development workflow. When developers can dedicate less time to figuring out the root cause of an issue because the answer is in front of them, they can spend more time focused on growing their coding skills to keep up with today's fast-paced delivery.

Developers need coding education and context that is:

  • At the right place, right time with well-structured rule descriptions
  • Integrated within your workflow
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Relevant to a specific language

Sonar helps your developers gain access to immediate and contextualized feedback based on years of language analyzer experience. With automated code reviews that seamlessly integrate into the development workflow, developers can quickly gain an understanding of what the issue is:

Changing code constructs

Why it’s an issue: 

describing why it is an issue in detail.

And how they can fix it:

list of ways to fix the issue depending on the language.

All without having to look outside of the workflow for answers. 

Plus, SonarLint, Sonar’s free IDE extension, automatically boosts coding efficiency with its quick fixes feature. Quick fixes present solutions that are specific to issues that appear as developers write code. This helps developers repair coding flaws in real-time, saving time and effort. Beyond these intuitive tools, developers gain access to an active community focused on the pursuit and support of Clean Code

For most developers, coding isn’t just a day job - it's a lifelong passion. It’s never been easier to help developers pursue their passion and grow their coding skills with intuitive, embedded issue-specific education. With the tools and resources from Sonar, writing high-quality code has never been more accessible and helps set your development team up to operate with maximum precision and velocity.