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Increase developer velocity today with Clean as You Code

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What you'll learn

  • What is the Clean as You Code methodology?
  • Why is it vital to achieving a Clean Code state in your codebase?
  • The advantages you achieve when you use the Clean as You Code methodology
  • What makes Clean as You Code different
  • How to get started today with Clean as You Code
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In software development, the focus on delivery is at an all-time high. Everyone is chasing those post-release positive vibes. So, as delivery demands grow, increasing developer velocity has never been more critical. Measuring developer velocity helps identify where opportunities for efficiency gains exist within your development workflow to make your team function better than ever before.

However, grasping these gains can be challenging when there's a deepening pool of technical debt dragging you down. Addressing issues from the past that don't directly contribute to the evolution of the product is not an appealing task for any developer. In the pursuit of increased velocity, releasing code in a timely manner is always a top priority, even if it’s built on a legacy codebase that's less than perfect. 

Plus, much of a developer's time isn't spent writing code. To the dismay of many developers, a day's work is mainly spent completing other tasks before coding can commence. Individual contributors tackle debugging, refactoring code, recruiting, documenting, optimizing, and firefighting. 

On average, developers have only 10 hours a week of “deep work” time. If you add in feedback delays, urgent issues, and additional requirements, productivity becomes stifled. It can take nearly an entire week for code to make it from a developer's brain to production. 

With so little time dedicated to actual coding, the last thing developers want to do is take on technical debt before they can move forward. Achieving any gains in developer velocity becomes a pipe dream when the focus is on fixing mistakes of the past.

What if you could increase momentum, improve productivity, and steadily reduce the technical debt load that’s hanging over your projects? With Clean as You Code, you can. This methodology allows developers to keep working on new and interesting projects without sacrificing quality or getting bogged down in refactoring legacy code.

Clean Code can help you reach maximum velocity

Organizations that choose the path of Clean Code make code quality, maintainability, reliability, and security a priority. It's not simply keeping up with the demands of your next sprint, it's about making your codebase an asset for your software. 

A Clean Code state is when a codebase has reached a problem-free state where all code is fit for development and for production. Clean Code helps prevent bad code from entering the codebase from the start, which makes life easier and more productive for developers and teams alike.

Getting started is easy. There's no need for an overhaul of your legacy code or a months-long implementation. Achieving a Clean Code state can begin today with every developer by choosing the Clean as You Code methodology.

The Clean as You Code methodology from Sonar is essential for your codebase to reach a Clean Code state. Clean as You Code enables developers and teams to enhance the quality of their codebase by only focusing on the code they're writing now. This means that, when a developer adds code or changes existing code, they will use Clean Code standards without introducing new issues. 

New code will be issue-free and legacy code will be cleaned up along the way. This simple yet powerful methodology systematically improves the overall quality of the entire codebase with minimal cost and effort.

When you choose Clean as You Code you can:

  • Embrace the ownership of code quality at the individual developer level
  • Set clear expectations of quality standards across teams
  • Spend more time innovating with less time spent on remediating old issues
  • Write maintainable code that’s easy to understand, review, repair, and enhance
  • Ensure the product stays reliable and continuously operable
  • Support optimum developer velocity with a methodology that's embedded in your workflow

Sonar's Clean As You Code methodology can be used regardless of software maturity, level of developer experience, and internal complexity. It's the difference between minor code quality efforts and realizing the state of Clean Code. 

Let your developers and teams work at maximum velocity today with Clean as You Code so that tomorrow's codebase can exceed the need for speed. 

Need for Speed from Top Gun as an example of increasing developer velocity.