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A Look Back at KubeCon 2022

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Clint Cameron

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Welcome to Detroit!

SonarSource attended our first KubeCon from Oct. 25-28. The event was located in Detroit and hosted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) which is part of the Linux Foundation. It was obvious that the city was in full support of the show as the event staff was very welcoming and attentive. I had not personally been to Detroit before and it was interesting getting to know the downtown vibe. 

As events go, this was on the larger side with over 7k attendees and more than 300 sponsors. Because it was our first time at KubeCon we kept things simple. We took a base squad of myself (marketing) and our product manager responsible for security. 

Folks Still Love Sonar

As always, several existing users dropped by the booth to say hello and check out our new branding. It’s always fun and rewarding to hear about how folks are integrating Sonar into their workflows and churning out some cool applications. 

Behold the Home of Clean Code!

We were there to showcase our support for cloud native and IaC technologies. Over the past year, we’ve quietly innovated and added a bunch of new rules to support CloudFormation, Terraform, Kubernetes and serverless functions. 

Cloud Native Solves Traditional Challenges; It Also Comes with Challenges

Overall, there was a lot of excitement and a positive ‘hum’ about cloud native and the benefits it’s delivering to the developer and DevOps world. We noted a couple of recurring themes that stood out to us over the course of the event.

  • Cloud native is removing blockers and allowing teams to achieve cool things in new ways.
  • Security is very top of mind for DevOps teams. This need comes from several domains: the cloud native apps themselves, the infrastructure(s) and the packaging/deployment side. 
  • There are a lot of vendors in this space right now. This is to be expected as cloud native is still relatively new and growing. There are some established companies bringing solutions as well as new entrants with very focused value propositions e.g., observability. Certainly, there will be some consolidation down the road and it will be interesting to see how things play out. 

On Thursday, everyone could take part in an evening celebration that featured a ballroom with games and a DJ, a beer tent, dinner with a 360 view from the 25th floor and a river boat with gambling for fun!

The Sonar attendees taking in the riverboat views

That’s a Wrap!

All in all, we had a great time learning about how cloud native technologies are advancing application development and ushering in a disruptive, new era. The CNCF did a great job bringing everyone together for a week of sharing, discussion and communication. 

PS - the Parallel Reality tech at the Detroit Airport Delta hub is pretty cool!

Detailed flight info for the author’s eyes only!

Thanks for reading and happy, clean, cloud native coding!

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