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AI generated or written by humans, Sonar’s Clean Code Solutions cover your code quality needs, improving code reliability, maintainability, and security.

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Clean Code from the start in your IDE

Up your coding game and discover issues early. SonarLint takes linting to another level empowering you to find & fix issues in real time.

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Clean Code for teams and enterprises

Empower development teams with a self-hosted code quality and security solution that deeply integrates into your enterprise environment; enabling you to deploy clean code consistently and reliably.

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Clean Code in your cloud workflow

Enable your team to deliver clean code consistently and efficiently with a code review tool that easily integrates into the cloud DevOps platforms and extend your CI/CD workflow.

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what is clean code?

Clean Code is code that’s easily understandable, portable, and capable to change through structure and consistency but remains maintainable, reliable, and secure for performance demands.

Clean Code is well-documented coding standards that are clear and concise for increasing developer collaboration and communication. 

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why clean code?

A clean codebase simplifies the principles and processes to introduce changes to your code allowing business goals and objectives to be prioritized. Ensuring code readability improves team collaboration, communication, and code review processes across your enterprise.

Explore Clean Code

Clean as You Code™

Clean Code as you write maintainable, readable quality code. Sonar’s tool kit allows you to continually review and make incremental clear quality improvements as you edit or write code. Deliver high-quality, efficient code standards that benefit the entire team or organization. 

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benefits of clean code

cleaner code. lower maintenance.

Clean Code is easier to read, reuse, and enhance, keeping maintenance time and costs to a minimum. Create well-organized scalable, reliable, and testable software that improves code quality.

keep your developers. happy.

By keeping the most essential piece of your workplace—your code—clean, you create an enjoyable and satisfactory work environment for everyone. Clean Code is modular, easy to understand, and modifiable; helping improve developer collaboration. 

rework less. innovate more.

Generate greater business value by empowering developers to focus on solving interesting problems instead of spending time on remediating old problems. Clean Code improves software quality and increases productivity, so you can deliver more features. 

minimize risks. maximize reputation.

Sonar keeps your software robust and secure with the right checks at the right place and time. Limit the risk of introducing security vulnerabilities during the agile development process with code reviews. 

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spending too much time fixing the fix?

Take control of your code with a solution that delivers real-time insights directly into your agile workflow at the most useful points. Sonar delivers the developer tools and intelligence for clean, quality code, with fewer fix-commits required.

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need to mitigate risk and maximize resiliency?

Minimize risk across your enterprise with the Sonar tool kit. A clean, stable code environment lays the foundation for attracting top developer talent and keeps data safer from breaches and costly remediation cycles.

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clean code throughout the development workflow

Clean as You Code
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discover issues from the moment you write code

The best place to find and fix issues? Right in your IDE, with on-the-fly optimized feedback on issues that can lead to bugs, security issues, code smells, and other problems.


"The greatest impact it’s had has been that it has allowed us to focus our effort on making sure new code is clean instead of addressing technical debt, and it has given us the ability to standardize code quality expectations across the organization."

Bijay Mangaraj - M&T Bank
Bijay Mangaraj, Senior Vice President @ M&T Bank

connect and contribute with the Sonar Community

The Sonar Community is a collaborative forum where Sonar team members and community users of Sonar solutions post every day. You’ll find detailed articles and technical discussions that cover the most common use cases, and some tricky ones. It’s a great resource for you and your team to gain knowledge about our solutions, overcome any issues, and discover more about code quality and security. Plus we value contributors who enrich our solutions and help others grow in their craft.

A developer using Sonar posts a question to the Sonar community where users and product developers share their insights.

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