Clean as You Code™

The approach we recommend to code quality?
Clean as You Code

Fix issues before they exist

SonarLint shows issues in your favorite IDE as you write code, so you can fix them early.

Available as an extension for the popular IDEs: Eclipse, IntelliJ, Visual Studio and VS Code; SonarLint provides on-the-fly feedback to developers when they inject new bugs or quality issues. Once the problem is detected it can be fixed on the spot.

Fix issues before they exist

Track Issues on New Code

Track issues on New Code

Developers own quality in New Code

As a developer, your priority is making sure the code you write today is clean and safe. The SonarQube project homepage makes that easy with a highlight on the Code Quality and Code Security of your New Code (changed or added) so you can focus on what’s important: making sure the code you write today is solid.

Quality Gate on New Code

Making sure new code meets requirements should be the only objective of quality for development teams.

The list of criteria used to define the releasability of an application in terms of code quality should be evaluated on new (changed and added) code. This has many benefits such as avoiding pushback from teams, fixing issues while they are still fresh in mind… SonarQube comes out-of-the box with Quality Gate criteria which fails on new bugs, new security vulnerabilities, low test coverage on new code and low overall quality of new code.

Define a Quality Gate

Notification Quality Gate

Quality Gate Status Notification

Monitor Quality Gate status with real time failure notifications.

The Quality Gate is your most powerful tool to enforce your quality policy so it is important that you can track the status at any time: its status can be pushed into emails or other applications but can also be pulled out of SonarQube at any time. This transparency ensures that internal quality is part of the software development lifecycle, rather than an afterthought practice.