From Community to Commercial: Why Upgrade to SonarQube Enterprise Edition

In this webinar, join Colin Mueller, Community Manager at Sonar to discover how SonarQube users can maximize their investment in Clean Code by upgrading to Enterprise Edition.

Colin Mueller | Community Manager

Abstract / Description:  Discover the benefits that SonarQube Enterprise Edition will have for your developers. Learn why it's time to make the switch and take your code to the next level.

SonarQube's open-source Community Edition is users' introduction to SonarQube. It offers a solid foundation of great features, reliability, and performance. Enterprise Edition empowers organizations to fully embrace the benefits of Clean Code with enterprise-grade support, scalability, and rich features like pull request analysis, advanced bug and security detection, reporting, and more.

In this session, we’ll demonstrate the capabilities of the Enterprise Edition and how they can help you overcome challenges in maintaining Clean Code across your organization.

Who this is intended for: Current SonarQube Community Edition users or anyone interested in learning more about SonarQube's features