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coding flaws. fixed for you.

Quick Fix intelligently suggests a solution adapted to your code and automatically repairs issues in real-time.

Code smarter

boost coding efficiency

faster coding

Automated fixes for your simple or non-trivial issues that are catered to your specific code can significantly save time and effort.

enhanced productivity

SonarLint's in-context guidance already provides great educational benefits by coaching you on how to fix the issue at hand. Quick Fixes take that further by offering to fix the issue for you, improving your productivity as a result.

Supported languages and IDEs

We are continually enhancing the Quick Fix ruleset across languages and IDEs. See what’s covered and start coding efficiently.


Available in VS Code, IntelliJ IDEA, and Eclipse

Java Rules


Available in VS Code, Visual Studio, CLion, and Eclipse

C++ Rules


Available in VS Code, IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio and Eclipse

JavaScript Rules


Available in VS Code, IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm and Eclipse

Python Rules
Seamless UX

how does it work?

Use familiar IDE-specific keystrokes or hover over the flagged issue to bring up the rule violation and suggested quick fix. Then simply apply the fix and move on.

An example of a coding rule is shown from the SonarPedia page. In this example Noncompliant Code is shared along with a Compliant Solution.
Greater value

your IDE Quick Fix companion

Your IDE’s native functionality may already provide certain Quick Fixes for your programming language. SonarLint builds upon these to provide added value as we continuously expand our Quick Fix rule coverage.

Sonar works in your Jetbrains, VS Code, Visual Studio and Eclipse IDE's

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