Data Center EditionData Center Edition

Designed for High Availability

All Enterprise Edition features, plus:
Component redundancy
Data Resiliency
Horizontal Scalability
Expert technical support

Data Center Edition is ideal for mission-critical enterprise deployments that need a secure and reliable infrastructure to manage Code Quality and Code Security. It allows distributed teams to collaborate on large projects by combining SonarSource's industry-leading, open source Code Quality and Code Security tools, ensuring maximum uptime and data resiliency.

Best-in-Class Tools Products

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Automatic code review tool to detect bugs, code smells and vulnerability issues. Easy to integrate with DevOps toolchains.

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IDE extension for real-time code quality feedback. Assists developers to deliver cleaner code as they work.

Code Analyzers

Smart code analysis

Deep analysis helps track down hard-to-find bugs and quality issues. Advanced, highly accurate techniques such as data flow analysis maximize productivity by reducing false positives.

Developer Benefits

Analysis of Branches and Pull Requests

Track the quality of all feature and maintenance branches, to make sure only safe and secure code makes it in production.
With GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket Server or Microsoft Azure DevOps, SonarQube can directly comment in Pull Requests.

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Branch Analysis

Developer-led Application Security

Empower development teams with security feedback during code review. Security Hotspots & Security Vulnerabilities help teams get more acquainted with secure coding practices while fixing issues.
With detection of Injection Flaws, untrusted user input can be detected within the code, and sanitized before it compromises your application.

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Application Security

SonarLint smart notifications

Get real-time code notifications from SonarQube in your IDE as you work. Track release status and keep abreast of issues you introduce.

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IDE Notifications

Portfolio Management Benefits


Organize a large portfolio of applications and projects the way you like. Create your own hierarchy and define category trees to the number and depth that works best for you.

Metrics consolidation

Get access to the detailed project metrics and trends you are already used to, now at any level of the defined hierarchies.

Executive reporting

Gain visibility into health factors such as operational risks and security risks. Generate, export and schedule reports in PDF format to ensure visibility of key metrics to all stakeholders. Get fast reporting and up-to-date information, no matter the number of projects.

Project Transfer

Consolidate projects from multiple SonarQube servers into a central instance where you can track your overall software portfolio.

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Application Security Benefits

OWASP / SANS Security Reports

Built-in security reports, with developer friendly language, shorten the vulnerability feedback loop and get developers fixing security holes quickly.

Configurable SAST analysis engine

If you use proprietary frameworks to capture user input and/or persist it, the Enterprise Edition lets you declare them to our Static Application Security Testing (SAST) engine. SonarQube then makes sure such input is sanitized before hitting critical system parts (Database, File System, OS, etc.).

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High Availability and Scalability

Data Center Edition is designed for organizations running a very large deployment of SonarQube requiring maximum application uptime. High availability is achieved by adding redundancy to every node in the system. When combined with the Horizontal Scalability feature, Data Center Edition ensures rapid, reliable code analysis reporting - even when your instance grows to global proportions hosting thousands of users and projects.

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Programming Language Coverage

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • TypeScript
  • Kotlin
  • Ruby
  • Go
  • Scala
  • Flex
  • Python
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • XML
  • VB.Net
  • C/C++
  • Objective-C
  • T-SQL
  • ABAP
  • PL/SQL
  • Swift
  • Apex
  • PL/I
  • RPG
  • VB6

SonarSource Dedicated Support

Our dedicated Support Team will help you quickly and effectively resolve problems with your Data Center Edition deployment. It will also discuss your use case, understand your objective, and help you use and adopt all the great features of our products.
Operational stability

Resolution and operational stability

Get expert technical support in case of critical issues and anticipate future risks to avoid business disruption.

Maximum value

Maximize value

Our Support Team will understand your existing Continuous Integration environment, optimize SonarQube integration and make sure that you get maximum value from your investment.

Best practice

Best practices and expert insights

Benefit from best practices and gain insights into how to use and adopt latest products and features to improve your process and output quality.

Staging licenses

Data Center Edition comes together with three additional licenses to cover testing, staging & disaster recovery environments.

Business Benefits

Full-featured quality management for enterprise workloads
Maximum uptime with high availability and data resiliency
Top-down and granular presentations to monitor project health and risk
Maximum visibility for all stakeholders with fast, efficient analysis and reporting
Rapid issue resolution and ROI maximization via expert technical support