SonarSource Logo
and Usage

You can use the SonarSource logo freely in compliance with the guidelines below.

SonarSource logo
Download SonarSource logo (.svg + .png + .pdf + .eps | 548KB)


The SonarSource logo is the most direct representation of SonarSource itself, and must only be used in an approved manner, as described below.
SonarSource logo White SonarSource logo White

Can Do

  • Use the SonarSource logo in a blog post or news article about SonarSource
  • Use the entire SonarSource logo
  • Scale the logo proportionally as you see fit
  • Use the SonarSource logo to link back to

Can NOT Do

  • Create a modified version, crop or use part of the image of the official SonarSource logo
  • Redesign, redraw, animate, modify, distort or alter the proportions, color or typeface of the SonarSource logo
  • Use the SonarSource logo or the waves for your own company or application icon
  • Integrate the SonarSource logo or the waves into your logo
  • Link the SonarSource logo to a different website than SonarSource
SonarSource logo Don't do

Logo safe space

The SonarSource logo must always be surrounded by open space, free from any other element. The minimum spacing is equivalent to the height of the capital “S” in SonarSource on all four sides.

Ideal logo spacing

SonarSource logo large space

Minimum logo spacing

SonarSource logo small space

The icon Mark

The mark’s icon must be only used on a white background or on its brand territory color background. They must always be associated visually with the name of the brand.
Icon SonarSource Mark

How to use the icon

The SonarSource Mark’s icon must only be used in cases where a company icon or avatar is required (traditionally constrained to a perfect square or circle) and the name SonarSource must be associated with this icon.
Icon SonarSource Mark usage
don't do icon SonarSource