Service Level Agreement

(Enterprise Plan)

Effective upon conclusion of the Early Access Period

1. Service Level Commitment. For Enterprise Plan Customers, the monthly Availability of the Service will be equal to or greater than 99.5% (the “Service Level Commitment”).

2. Service Credit. For each calendar month in which there is a failure to meet the Service Level Commitment, Customer shall receive a service credit equal to the amount of Customer’s annual fee for the Service, divided by twelve, multiplied by the applicable percentage in the following table (“Service Credit”):    

Monthly Availability Service Credit
Below 99.5% but above 98.0%5%
Below 98.0% but above 95.0% 15%
Below 95.0% 30%

3. Service Credit Request. In order to be eligible to receive Service Credits, Customer must submit an email to describing a suspected failure of the Service Level Commitment (“Service Credit Request”) no later than 15 days following the end of the calendar month Customer believes that the Service Level Commitment was not met. The Service Credit Request shall provide a reasonably detailed description regarding the nature of the failure. Service Credits not timely requested as described herein will be automatically forfeited.

4. Service Credit Issuance. For each Service Credit Request, SonarSource will confirm whether there has been a failure to meet the Service Level Commitment. SonarSource’s measurement and monitoring tools and procedures are the sole source of truth for determining whether SonarSource has met the Service Level Commitment. If a Service Credit Request is approved, SonarSource will issue the applicable Service Credits to Customer’s account. No refunds or cash value will be given for unused Service Credits. Service Credits may not be transferred or applied to any other SonarSource account or product. Customer is not entitled to Service Credits if Customer is in breach of the Terms of Service or has not provisioned SonarCloud Enterprise Plan. The Service Level Commitment does not apply to (i) SonarCloud Free or Team Plans, (ii) beta features, or (iii) features excluded from the Service Level Commitment in the applicable Documentation. The Service Credits are Customer's sole and exclusive remedy for a failure to meet the Service Level Commitment.

5. Definitions. All capitalized terms used and not defined in this Service Level Agreement have the meanings given to them in the applicable agreement between Customer and SonarSource for SonarCloud Enterprise Plan.

  • 5.1. “Available” or “Availability” means the percentage of time, as measured in a calendar month, during which the Service is provided in accordance with the Terms of Service via the Internet for use by Customer. Availability will be expressed as a percentage calculated in accordance with the following formula: 
    • Availability = Uptime divided by Total Time
  • 5.2. “Downtime” means the Service is not available or operational without prior notification to Customer, lasting until the condition has been cleared. The definition of Downtime and the calculation of Availability explicitly exclude unavailability caused by: (i) Internet congestion, slow down, or unavailability; (ii) any inconsistencies or changes in Customer’s source environment; (iii) any suspension of the Service in accordance with the Terms of Service; (iv) Force majeure events as set forth in the Terms of Service; (v) Acts or omissions of Customer; (vi) Result of equipment,  applications, integrations, or systems not within the control of SonarSource; or (vii) Planned Unavailability.
  • 5.3. “Planned Unavailability” means the minutes in the applicable calendar month in which the Service is unavailable due to scheduled maintenance (which requires at least five days written notice to Customer), planned upgrades, and updates routinely occurring at a set time during non-peak hours.
  • 5.4. “Uptime” means Total Time minus Downtime.
  • 5.5. “Total Time” means the total minutes in the applicable calendar month.
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