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Take an opportunity to hear directly from our Team, discover our latest features and integrations, and discuss code quality and security!

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These events are the perfect opportunity to hear in depth about our latest offering, from the very Teams that build our products


Empowering Developers to own Code Security

26min | Mar 4, 2020

Security can be a daunting topic full of buzzwords and lots of opinions. At SonarSource, our approach is different. In this webinar we explain our approach to Code Security and how as a developer, you can own the security of your code. This session covers a brief overview of the Security Market, our SAST value proposition, and a demo of the developer security experience in SonarQube.


G. Ann Campbell

Product Marketing Manager

City Tour

The SonarSource City Tour takes place after each new SonarQube LTS release - Approximately every 18 months. We travel from city to city to meet our customers and tell them all about our latest updates and features. Check out the cities we’ve been to:

  • check Paris
  • check London
  • check Frankfurt
  • check Stockholm
  • check Amsterdam
  • check Milan
  • check Madrid
  • check Bern
  • check Dallas
  • check New York
  • check Washington DC
  • check Boston
  • check Santa Clara
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Partner Conferences

SonarSource is happy to sponsor some of the go-to conferences for Teams and organizations that build software. Meet us at our booth to discover our latest features and integrations.

Developer Events and Talks

It takes developers to build developer-first products! Our devs often talk at meetups and dev events, on very diverse topics. Come say hi or listen to their talk!